Monday, October 26, 2009

My lil Mickey and Minnie!

We will be in Tampa for a wedding this Halloween, so we took the kids to a church party Sunday night. They looked so cute in their costumes, and all the little kids kept coming up to Cason pointing and saying "Mickey Mouse." Some of the kids even followed him around! Kiley hated her ears so I ended up wearing them!
She loved wearing her dress and has wanted to put it on several times! The kid peaking in the box behind her cracks me up!

Tried to get a quick picture in before she ripped the headband off!

The costume was so big on Cason he kept tripping, but didn't seem to mind falling since he has so much padding! Loved this look from the back!

Pumpkin Patch

We had a great time at the Harvest Festival in Harpersville on Sunday. They danced and clapped along to the folk music but Kiley was afraid of the Indian Dancers/Singers! Both got to pet a horse for the first time and run through the corn fields/hay maze. Was a beautiful day!
They had a tractor area the kids played on, Grandma and Grandpa Brauer would be impressed!

They both loved to hug the pumpkins, especially Cason! I think they were both getting tired and thought it was a good place to take a rest! They enjoyed the hayride out to the pumpkin patch, but Kiley was a little unsure of the big horses pulling us. She kept yelling and pointing at them.


Cason loves to climb on everything, up the stairs, in the cabinets, on chairs, ect... You have to watch him at all times b/c he as NO FEAR of anything, especially heights! We often wonder how many times we are going to end up in the ER with broken bones or stitches in the future! Several times I have not been able to find him b/c he has climbed into the cabinet and shut it behind him, or Kiley has shut the door!


The kids have been in school or "MDO" now for almost 2 months. Last week we had open house and got to visit their school and classroom to see what they have been up to. The teacher informed us that they do not really play with eachother, which was suprising to us! She also said that Kiley is very good and has never cried, Cason gets a little "fussy" at times but overall both are very good! I was happy to hear that! I like to go in to pick them up so I can spy on them for a minute! It is neat to see what they are doing when I am not around. I find it amazing how much I can get done in the few hours they are gone!


Kiley has just started getting into all my purses, shoes, and necklaces. So cute! Playing with her auntie and their purses!

Cousins Visit

Reading with uncle Greg...looks like he has his hands full:)

NeNe showing Haddon how to play his new game...or maybe the other way around! Kiley being her nosey self!

Each time we get together with my brother and his family, about every other month, we try and get a picture of the our kids together. As you can see, this is getting more and more difficult with four kids under the age of 5! Haddon and Spencer love to wrestle, and since the weekend, Cason has been tackling Kiley, which makes her so mad! The twins love their playing with their older cousins and Haddon always shows particular interest in Kiley! He will do anything to try and make them laugh.