Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was almost 2 months full of fun for us! I packed in as many activities as possible and started the Christmas music around the clock on Nov 1st, which some, including my husband, thought was a little out of control! Some of the highlights included Homewood and Summit Christmas parades, in which Kiley still reminds me how she "got hit in the head hard with candy" and Cason reminds me how we missed the Hoover Christmas tree lightening every time we pass the library "b/c we were late" but made it to the parade instead.

Christmas festivals at the Hoover library including a play and gingerbread decorating, which the kids had a blast doing; seeing Santa at the mall and picking out 2011 ornaments; decorating cookies with NeNe and several times at home, all which consisted of seeing how many sprinkles could fit on one cookie; a weekend in Nashville and long day at the Gaylord Opery- got free tickets to Ice given to us, but had to duck out of line due to meltdowns and starving kids after waiting 50 minutes and being told the line was another hour; looking at Christmas lights with the cousins and in town with kids telling Paul "daddy you need to put lots more lights on our house" Zoolight Safari where Cason told Santa he wanted an Ipad, Santa's response was to look up at Paul and say "an Ipad" with a raised eyebrow! Paul leaving the house at 5am to get in line to get a leappad for Cason, the only thing he wanted for Christmas, and me hearing the excited that he was #18 out of 20 that got one, pretty sure he was more excited than even Cason was!

Kids in their first Christmas program, I predicted disaster but they both did great, sang all the songs and did the actions with very proud mommy, daddy, NeNe and Papa in the audience. Got many "hi mommy and daddy" from both while on stage but we were beaming with pride! Can't believe they are old enough to be on stage in a program! What happened to my babies? But everything is getting so much easier and therefore fun to take them to! Christmas was completed with kids sitting with us and singing carols in church on Christmas Eve, and having dinner and opening presents here at our house to follow with NeNe and Papa; leaving milk and cookies out for Santa and being so excited when they saw it was gone the next am! Paul and I staying up until midnight to get everything just perfect for the next am while watching Family Man; me awake at 6:30am and had to wait until 8 before I finally woke everyone else up, couldn't stand it anymore!! The excitement and squeals were priceless!

Elfie returned this year and was a little mischievous; some funny things he did was unwrap the toilet paper, dump the candy bowl out, pulled magnets off the refridge, got into the sugar and gum drop tree, and drew funny faces on one of their pictures! Cason was very quick to apologize to Elfie when he was misbehaving and beg him not to tell Santa; Kiley acted like she didn't care. She was in time out one day and told me "mommy Elfie is watching you put me in time out and he is going to tell Santa you are not being nice"

A few other funny things they have said:

Kiley- "Christmas tree is wearing a tutu" me- "no its called a skirt" K- "well I'm calling it a tutu"
"everyone was mean to me today in school" me- "I find that hard to believe" K-"well they were, they wouldn't let me kiss them"
K-"some kids have to live in their cars b/c they are not thankful to God" she said this a few days after we were telling them to Thank God for having a house to live in, that some kids don't even have a house.
Shopping and look over and Kiley had her pants pulled down and was scratching her behind, mortified I quickly said "Kiley was are you doing pull your pants up" K- "you didn't wipe me good enough mommy"
- I forgot where we parked the car at the mall and had to get the cops to help me, it was in one parking deck over that looked exactly the same; I was so embarrassed and told them not to tell anyone especially daddy, well of course as soon as he walked in and we sat down for dinner, it was the first thing out of her mouth. So much for secrets!

Cason- talking to him about Heaven one night and asked him "where is Heaven" wanting him to say where Jesus is and he said "right down the street"
I was holding him and he pointed to my forehead and said "what is that on your forehead", looking in the mirror I said "I don't see anything, what are you talking about" C-"go like this again" (raising his eyebrows up and down) I did this and said "those are my worry lines" C-"no those are wrinkles, mommy"
Pulling up to the store and saying "oh no its closed, that stinks" C-"why is Sams stinky, mommy"

When we were little grandma made up "Yahottie" which was the imaginary person that got blamed for everything when we wouldn't admit to things. Cason has made up "The Old Mother" and she is around a lot! Even if I see him do something, he will say "that old mother was here again" and one time I said I guess that old mother is back, he said "she is really mean, she might even kick you, you have to watch out for her mommy"; also if he gets mad the ultimate insult is him telling you you will not be in his story, you will be in the old mother's story.

The kids will get in these imagination roles, in which they become totally oblivious to everyone else around them, and won't answer to their names, you have to call them by whatever game they are playing "I am not Cason, I am daddy, or doggie, or Ms Brooks, ect..." it is quite entertaining to listen and watch them!

Always sad when Christmas is over, but looking forward to a great New Year with a wonderful family that keeps me laughing! I wish I could bottle time and keep them little longer!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall of Changes

After almost 3 years of staying home, I decided to go back to work very part-time while the kids are in preschool. It has taken a good 2 months of adjusting to the new schedule, but I finally think we are in a good routine and I am actually enjoying work! I drop the kids off at school around 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursdays, and am in the office by 9:45. Paul usually picks the kids up on Tuesdays at 1:30 and on Thursdays they go to late care, and I am able to pick them up by 3. Kiley has had a very rough time adjusting to late care and still begs her daddy to pick her up on the days she knows she has to stay. I am not sure why she doesn't like it, they get to have a snack and play on the playground. I guess it is the change of teachers and kids. I would have expected Cason to be the one who was unsure about late care, since he is the one who does not transition great. When I ask her why she cries, she tells me "b/c I miss you and daddy so much and you guys left me way too long" which the first time she told me this I started crying! Now I'm like "oh please give me a break!"

Their teacher told me they are very co-dependent, which really surprised us. She said they always have to sit by each other, and are always checking up on each other. Which I thought was sweet! Until Kiley had to go by herself to school one day b/c Cason was sick, and the teacher told me she was not herself at all, and when she asked her what was wrong, she would say "I miss my Cason". May have to split them up next year so they can adjust being without one another. Right now I can use it as a threat- when they are fighting at home, I pick up the phone and act like I am starting to call their teacher to tell her to put them in separate classrooms since they can't get along at home- and they immediately stop fighting! One day I was actually calling the school to ask about a bill, and Cason asked me who I was talking to. When I told him, he had a look of panic and said "but me and Kiley aren't even fighting"

I am glad to be working some again, but it also makes me a little sad. The end of such a short period in my life of getting to stay at home with my babies. It is going by so fast and I know I will blink and be dropping them off at kindergarten. Sob! Some people don't realize how lucky they are to have the option of having more babies! Then again I realize how lucky we are to have ours!

This is the first year they both have had a strong opinion about what they want to be for Halloween, also the first year they will not be dressing alike. Cason is going as a pirate and Kiley as Rupenzel from Tangled. She loves to sing Ariel and any other princess song at the top of her lungs. She is very bossy and poor Cason usually does what she says. The other day he must of gone down and up the stairs 10 different times for things she told him to go get! "Cason, go get me the pink baby blanket, my baby is cold" "Ok Kiley" I have a feeling he is going to have many years of her bossing him around!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have given up trying to load photos! Has frozen up every time I try leaving me very frustrated!

Summer has flown by as usual. Lots of memories including several trips. We started the summer off in June by taking 13 day trip, half with the kids, half without! We took our first "driving" trip to Gainesville to visit Paul's parents and family, which was a long 8 hours. The first 5 hours the kids did great, the last 3 hrs not so much, and I am pretty sure we both said we were not going to do it again for a long time. It was good to be back in Gainesville for a few days, seeing family and friends we have not seen in many years. One of the reasons we went was to visit Paul's 93 yr old grandma, but learned she left for the beach days before and we did get to see her, we were disappointed to miss her! We left the kids at Nana and Pops and went onto Rosemary Beach for a wedding to and celebrate our 10 yr anniversary. We had a great time; despite the place we stayed being a bit of a disappointment, the area was beautiful. Morning swims, reading for hours at the beach, exploring the different seaside towns, cocktails and late dinners! The best part- being on our own schedule and not that of toddlers!

The kids joined us for the last week and we stayed at Sandestin for Paul's conference. I was worried about all the different sleeping arrangements, but they adapted well and slept great. Overall the trip was a great success with lots of fun memories. Cason was still not a big fan of the beach but did better than last year, hopefully next year he will love it! They both preferred the resort pool and loved the band at the pool party on our last day. Will never forget Kiley dancing in the water with her Aierl doll as the band played "Under the Sea", and Cason going under by himself for the first time and loving it, so proud of himself wanting everyone to watch him.

Aunt Lois came to visit for over a week in June and the kids (and me!) loved having her around. She came over almost everyday and came swimming with us, giving me a break! Hope she comes back soon!!

In late June I discovered puddle jumpers, which are the new lifejackets that snap around the waist. They changed our pool days for sure! The kids love floating around in them and no longer constantly grabbing us. They have become much braver throughout the summer, and Cason goes under, doesn't mind being "dunked" and thrown. Kiley prefers to play with her toys and teapot on the steps, but also likes to swim from ladder to ladder. I wish I could bottle their endless giggles up, and some of their energy too!

July was a rough month for us physically. Record high heat and humility; Cason had 2 major asthma attacks and was on steroids most of the month. Frank had his hip replaced, and recovery took a bit longer than expected as far as hospital stay, and was in the ICU for a few days due to blood loss. Mom fell and broke her leg (again) and had to have major surgery (again). Thankfully everyone is doing better and so far August seems to be much better month! PTL!

I managed to take my yearly girls trip, met my 4 college roommates in Destin for a long weekend on the beach/boat. Lots of reminiscing, giggling, story-telling, limo riding, wedding dress shopping, and of course food and drinks! Paul did great with the kids by himself for 3 days and nights, and I only got a few texts throughout the whole weekend. Think they were all very glad to see me on Sunday! Despite the "hair lessons" I attempted to give him before I left, he still opted for his version of a "messy ponytail" for Kiley! I had to laugh. Holly did teach me how to fishtail, which I have done on Kiley's hair several times.

Things kids have said lately:

Kiley: Every time you put her to bed, she tells you "I love you to the moon and back. Don't let those bugs bight you". Then proceeds to tell you what she wants for breakfast the next day.

"Mommy, you are my best friend in the whole world"

When I was watering the flowers, she said "mommy, I hear the flowers saying thank you for my drink. They were so thirsty"

When saying prayers "Thank you Jesus for my best friend Bella. And thank you for the tree on my wall. It is pretty"

Calling me upstairs to tell me her baby had pooped and peed in her bed and I needed to clean it up so they could go to sleep. I told her they were just dolls and didn't need to be cleaned up. She looked at me and said "mommy, they are not just dolls. They are my babies and they can't go to sleep all wet. Do not say they are just dolls". Well OK then!

I finally threw away her fishy aquarium night light on her dresser that had been broken for awhile. When putting her to bed later, I noticed it back on her dresser. I said to her "did daddy get that out of the trashcan?" Kiley- "no, I did. I saw you throw it away, I looked at it and nothing was wrong with it, so I put it back on my dresser. I like it there"

When looking at my cross necklace, me- "who died on the cross" K-"ummm Kelsey did"
me- "no, remember Jesus did. Do you remember why Jesus died on the cross?" K- "because soldiers were chasing him" I think we better get back to Sunday School!

K- "When baby Nash comes, I want to feed him" me- "Well I think Carrie is the only one who can feed him right now" K- "no I want to feed him his bottle" me- "when babies are little, they drink their milk from their mommies boobies" K-" that is Yucko"

While brushing my hair- K-"your hair underneath is black me-"its not black, its just darker blonde K-"its really dark" me-" well you will have the same problem when you get older" note to self to schedule highlight asap

My favorite- when I had my scrubs going to work for first day, K-"Why are you wearing those clothes, mommy" me-"Remember I told you I have to go to work for a little bit today and these are my work clothes" K-"that's so silly, mommies don't go to work, only daddy's go to work"

Cason: Asks every morning "where we going today mommy" and "after our nap, are we going anywhere" C- "Where are you going daddy" P- "On a work trip, but I will be home tomorrow" C- "oh, that's a good idea to come home, daddy"

Still very considerate, when Paul took him to get a prize for being such a good boy, he insisted on getting a ball for Kiley, he did not need anything. Whenever he gets a juice box or snack, he always brings one for Kiley. When Nana told him on the phone she was going to bring him a milkshake, he told her to "make sure to bring one for Kiley too. She likes strawberry"

They used to getting money for their penny bank; we were at the dollar store, gave both of them a dollar bill to spend and Cason said "that's not money, mommy. I need money" I have him change instead, and he said "thanks, that's real money"

In the bathroom at Target, while drying his hands he watched the lady next to him washing hers, then asked her "why did you not use soap?"

Going up to strangers and people he knows like Nee Nee and Papa and saying "what's your name again" and thinking it is so funny

He was jumping up and down loudly and I told him to stop, C-"that is not me, it is a monkey" started doing it again me "stop jumping Cason" C-"I told you it was a monkey jumping, not me"

He went outside to driveway without telling me, I scolded him telling him how a bad person could come take him away and we would never see him again and he said "would they take me somewhere fun"

Had a few girls over to play with Kiley and they were painting their toenails, I noticed Cason painting his Me "Cason only girls can paint their toenails, not boys" C- "I just painted them white, not pink, so that's OK"

Some nights after putting him to bed he comes down to our room, always knocks on the door, I say " who is it" and he says "it's just me" can't help but laughing, he comes in and says "I'm really just not tired" we let him cuddle with us for 5 min, then he leaves, goes back upstairs by himself and goes to sleep! One night he did this, came in our room and said "I don't want to cuddle, I just forgot my B" Picks it up, shuts the door and goes back upstairs! Funny kid.

Me- "Cason stop doing that, how many times to I have to tell you" C-"OK mommy, I not do it again" me-" that's what you tell me every time C-"I'm serious this time"

Can't wait for daddy to get home everyday so he can wrestle, loves to tackle and wrestle, Kiley and I not such big fans of it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Changing of Seasons- again!

Fun in the backyard- time to get rid of the baby swings and put up big swings! Holding hands- they are either the best buddies or worst enemies fighting all the time!
Getting through the last few cold days hopefully! and enjoying time outside again, we have rediscovered all the parks and riding tricycles, although Kiley prefers to push her stroller, Cason will ride is Auburn bike for hours. We have also enjoyed playing hide and go seek, and they love playing it, but are terrible at it! They like to hide together, and soon as you say "ready or not, here I come" they start giggling and then Cason always yells "were in here" When Paul is home we team up parent to toddler, and it works a little better but we have many laughs together! Probably the funniest for me was when I was looking for them, Cason popped out of the laundry hamper and scared me, was not expecting that!
First trip to zoo (from winter) and first trip without a stroller! They did great and took a very good nap! Growing up so fast, the "whys" are in full swing! We must say that word 100 times a day!
Opening up V Day presents including lots of candy! She looks like a little candy model!

They still have "twin talk", and some times get engrossed in their own sayings and giggles, and when I say "what are you talking about" I just get giggles! Sometimes Kiley will translate for Cason- he is harder to understand right now. They keep us laughing at things they do and say! Right now they love to get their play keys, phone, K purse and come give us hugs and kisses "bye" and tell us they are going "to the grocery store, or Target, Sams, or Library" and even told me one day when I walked in I was being too loud b/c they were in the library! Kiley also tells me at times to "whisper b/c her baby is sleeping" They call the stroller sun shade their "roof" and when we are walking, if the sun is in their eyes they tell us "put down our roof"
The embarrassing comments have also started, Kiley has told me out loud in front of the person "mommy I don't like that girl" and "mommy he is stinky" and Cason most recently told Fred, who has been working on our basement bathroom for the last few weeks that "time for you to go home, Fred" Cason has also yelled out of the bathroom "mommy my pee pee is getting big" when there was several people standing in the kitchen...nice- have to ask your daddy about that one!

Jan snow day- it snowed so many times this year for B'ham, after the second time of getting all our warm clothes on and only playing for a few minutes before "I cold mommy" "I go inside mommy" we watched the snow from inside! Sure was pretty though!

Last time in "crib", both converted to big beds in January, and finally 2 months later are doing great! We had about a month of adjustments between the two of them, but doing much better now! My parents were not real quick to volunteer to babysit during that transition time, and in fact did not put them to bed once between Nov-Feb!! Now we can threaten to shut the door, and they stop whining real fast! Cason still likes to be rocked for a few minutes and is the ultimate negotiator- "just 1 more book" and if you say ok, it is always "2 more books" or after rocking, "mommy will you lay with me now"...Kiley is usually the opposite and sometimes tells you to "get out, me tired"
Another huge change- they are potty trained!! Really has been the easiest thing we have been through so far- they basically did it themselves! We just got a huge raise- no diapers except at night! And we have discovered where almost every public bathroom is located!
Playing outside in the leaves in back yard! Kiley prefers to play babies or watch movies, this month her favorites are Toy Story and Snowwhite, Cason prefers to learn things. He is so smart for his age, he knows all his letters, and recognize letters in words, numbers, shapes, puzzles, and has an amazing sense of direction. He will point where things are while driving by- "turn that way to go to little park, that way for library, ect" We have not been to Barbara's house in 6 months and we came out of the Target by her house and he pointed and said "that is way to Barbara's house" This is a good thing, since I still can't find my way around Birmingham! He can tell me how to get places!
Paul ran inside to get the phone and came back out to both of them using the bathroom outside! For Cason that is ok, but Kiley doesn't seem to understand why she can't go too! Not only did she pee, she pooped too! We had a long talk about that one!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Fun 2010

I am not doing very well at keeping this updated! Christmas was so much fun this year, the kids loved all the activities and both were very eager to sit on Santa's lap! Cason said he wanted "a black choo choo" and Kiley said she wanted a "pink baby doll bed", which of course they both got! Kiley loved opening all the presents and did not care as much about looking at the present as much as going on to the next one to open! At a Christmas play at the library, we sat in the front row and during a quite moment, Cason yelled twice "I tooted mommy" needless to say we left soon after! They also loved all the Christmas parades although Kiley said the marching band "scare me"

Every morning both of them would say "good morning Christmas tree, good morning elfie, good morning Santa", it was so cute. Elfie came out this year to "watch them and report back to Santa if they were good or bad", one day when Cason was acting up and I told him Elfie was watching, he told me "no mommy, Elfie only watching Kiley", which of course I laughed at! The kids are really starting to say funny things and either love eachother or hate eachother! Some days they play so well together, follow eachother around and get in giggle fits, other days it seems they fight all day! Kiley has really turned into the leader and the boss, and says several times a day "come on Cason, come over here" and usually Cason will do it! They love hiding under the covers or in closets/bathrooms and yelling "hurry, hide dinasours coming!"

Kiley does not like the cold, and a few days ago I was putting Cason in the car at the store and K was in the cart yelling "somebody help me, its freezing" at the people walking by! Both of them also like to tell daddy "go to time out daddy" and when P says "why do I need to go to time out" they will say "daddy been naughty" and start laughing. Kiley still gets upset when daddy "leave me" and sometime takes awhile to get over it when P gets home.

Both of them had to hug frosty and the Christmas tree bye when taking them down, and much drama involved with that! Kiley had told us several times since "I want Santa to come again", don't we all! Cason is still very sensitive and so nice to his sister, if he gets something he makes sure to "get one for sissy" although can't say the same about Kiley! He still has frustration fits which usually always involve something Kiley did/took!

They have their own twin talk lately, they will start saying things to eachother and go into giggle fits, and when I ask what they are talking about they repeat themselves, which I can't understand, then start laughing again! It was a fun month with them and enjoying watching them learn new things everyday! I will work on posting some pictures later!