Monday, October 21, 2013

Kiley's Class

I got to help with Kiley's class the next week,  and her teacher had the day set up very similar. First, they started off in circle time and did the calender, said a bible verse and discussed it, sang a bunch of adorable songs, then prayed. I loved circle time, what a great way to start out the day. So happy we are able to send them to a great Christian school their first year.

Next was the similar stations, with 2 have to works and 3 centers to be completed by Thursday, Ms. Jen with the reading group and Ms. Susan coming to get groups for math.  Kiley was very well behaved and did all her centers in the first day as well. She did great on the reading and separating the words, I was so proud of her. 

Her teacher seemed more laid back, and the class was very well behaved. I didn't feel so overwhelmed, probably because I knew what to expect, and also her class wasn't so loud. For 14 kids, they are a very quite class!  Did laugh (or shake my head) at some of the girl drama I already saw, how does this already start happening in kindergarten?!

Love that I am able to volunteer in the classrooms, so fun and love being with my kids. Miss them being gone everyday. Did experience the trouble with having the kids in separate classrooms this year, want to be at both of their special activities and parties, but only one mommy trying to sign up for two rooms at the same time!  Also at the pumpkin patch the kids did the activities with their class and I had to pick which one to go with...auugg!!  Once again I need to clone myself.

Mommy helper

Today was my first Tuesay to volunteer in classrooms, rotating classrooms every other Tues from 9-11. Today's was Cason's and they have 2 daily works and 3 centers to complete for me to check each kid off. They are divided into 4 different groups based on ability. I work with 2 groups, Ms Lynne takes 1 for reading and Ms Susan ( good teacher from last yr) takes 1 out of room for math.

Cason is in the most advanced group and was first to finish everything and did so with ease. Centers don't have to be finished until Thursday and he was done with all in an hour on the first day. He is gonna need some challenges so he won't get bored!

Very impressed with teacher, you can tell she has been doing it a long time. She was working on vowels and constants and sounds, not just what is this word, and had neat ways to help the  kids remember.

Me on the other hand a little stressed with everyone wanting me to check them at once, all different abilities. At one point a girl tripped over my shoe while one boy dumped the whole glue bottle out all over him ( top fell off). Kids not allowed to interrupted Lynne at reading center no matter what so I had lots of little ones wanting help! Had fun though and neat to see how kids are doing, really enjoyed it.

Not much social time but little they had Cason mostly interacted with Ethan, his friend from last year. Another advanced girl name Clair seems to have a crush on him, was cute. Who wouldn't!":)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of K-5

I was a little teary all week, just thinking about them starting school 5 days a week and beginning a new phase of life. I kept reminding myself it wasn't "big" school or real all day kindergarten, just a K-5 program which made me feel better. We picked out everything the night before, knowing the morning would be rushed. I made them a big french toast breakfast, and took a bunch of pictures. They wanted me to talk them in, and the new building is so nice.  We were greeted at the door by Ms. Leslie who said "welcome to kindergarten!"  OK that wasn't necessary, it's just K-5, right?!  Across both classroom doors were the same signs and the teachers said the same greeting. OK guess I was fooling myself!  We dropped off Kiley first, she went right in and started unpacking with me kneeling down saying "have a great day honey, come give me a hug bye" and no movement from her. Ms. Jen finally said "go give your mommy a hug bye. "  Cason was next and was so excited to see his teacher Ms. Lynne and tell her about everything in his bag.  He, also, didn't look back.

I got in the car thinking OK, that was easy. Turned it on and the country song "your gonna miss these days" was playing and I burst into tears, crying the whole way to the Y. Remembering when they were first born, that summer when the song was popular dad used to always say that to us.  Not sure I do miss those exact days, but do miss them being babies! After getting to the Y, I seriously considered the idea of running into the nursery and stealing a baby!

Their first day was a success, and they were all smiles when I picked them up. Kiley was much more informative than Cason, and wanted to tell me about all her new friends, and how Addison got jealous because she was playing with her new friend Olivia and they were both fighting over her to sit by her at lunch.  I asked her what she learned and she said she didn't know. Shocker!  Cason told me about getting to play with Ethan and Tommy and learning to spell the word "yes." He told Paul more about his day on the phone and heard him saying "I wish you could have come to my class today so all my friends could see how you make B talk, they would have loved that."  B is his bear he got to bring to class today for show and tell. Kiley took Winter after much debate on which stuffed animal was her favorite, after going through 25 of hers she told me I should just buy her a new one to take. Thank goodness I talked her into Winter. I also heard Cason telling Paul on the phone he wishes he had a car and could drive so he could drive to see him. Think he is missing his daddy, 5 days gone is a lot!!

I am so thankful for being able to send them to a small Christian school this year, where they learn bible verses everyday, and can still say the blessing before lunch. Both them and me will have a year to adjust before sending them to "big" school!  I am still a bit sad, since having another baby will never happen, and my baby/toddler/ preschool days are over.  But it is hard to stay sad when they are so excited. I have already signed up to volunteer every Tuesday in one of their classrooms, for all the field trips, and to be the room mom. Can you say I might be having a hard time letting go?!

 Last week before school activities included McWane Science Center, the new dino exhibit at the zoo, the movies, and swimming at pool with water slides, lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Other Summer Trips

We also went to Lake Martin a couple of times, always a good time bringing nothing but swimsuits and pjs!  Our days there begin with me making a big breakfast, usually being the first one up.  Followed by packing lunches and loading coolers for the day and getting the kids ready. Paul and Benson usually have at least one project to do, fixing something on the boat, dock, going to get gas, ect... we usually end up swimming in the am then out on the boat around lunchtime until dusk.  Island hoping is our favorite, but has been harder this year with all the rain, most of the islands are under water. This is one of the first years we let the kids try tubing in the cul da sac, and they didn't like going above "sinking" speed. Paul had to ride on the back of the tube just to keep them afloat!  Kiley fell off at one point due to the slow speed and sinking, that was it for her and me, since I panicked not seeing her for a second.  Days end with late dinners, lasagna, grilled ck or hamburgers are usually the stables. Night finished off with smores by the campfire, can life get any better?!

Paul had a convention at the beach the end of July, and as usual it was a great trip with great friends. Started the first night in Mobile, and the kids and I swam in the pool while Paul had some business meetings. We had a nice family dinner on the bay, 3 hours but the kids did great. Luckily there was a sandy area for them to play in while we waited. Headed to Pensacola Beach the next am and enjoyed 4 times splitting our days between the pool and beach. The kids still prefer the pools, not big fans of getting all sandy or the seaweed in the ocean.  The weather was nice, and not near as crowded as Sandestin. We had nice dinners out while the kids rotated babysitters of friends kids that are now early teens. Time flies!

Other highlights of summer include VBS at two different churches, Cason cutting his hair and now has a spiky haircut, me learning to french braid, our first time alone in our house without kids for more than one night, kids spending several days in Atlanta with Nana and Pops, Roswell Live in Atlanta with SP, many trips to the zoo, a rainy but still fun forth of July (watching fireworks from the car with windshield wipers on), several family movies, a fun weekend at Ross Bridge with cousins, and becoming great swimmers!

  Only 15 days until school starts and new phase of life for all of us, with them in school 5 days and different classrooms. We will enjoy these next few weeks at a slower pace.