Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Greg's family came the weekend before Christmas. We enjoyed playing games, eating, shopping, and hanging out. Seems like just yesterday Cason was wearing the same outfit Nash is in!

 Allen came by for a quick visit, great to seem him as always. As you can see, lots of food!
 Christmas Eve, the most exciting and special nights of year for me! Started with a wonderful Christmas Eve service at Highlands with the whole family. The kids had coughs so they sat with us and did great. Dad commented that we had cheerios and colors at that age to entertain us, our kids had ipads. How times change!  Dinner back at our house with Christmas music playing and kids anxiously waiting to open presents.  Present opening with way too many for the kids, in bed by 10.  Paul and I continue our routine of putting Family Man on in the living room and enjoying the last few hours before Christmas!

 Santa didn't get the track together right, so daddy had to help out!
   Look what Santa left! Both got new bikes, Kiley Doc Mcstuffings stuff, Merida princess stuff, Olivia dolls, make-up, books, Cinderella castle. Cason got a batman castle, Jake the pirate stuff, spiderman stuff, new movies, new books to read, racecar track and cars.
             Reading the thank you note Santa left for the cookies. Sad that Elfie left.
                                            Waiting to see what Santa brought!

                                       Doctoring daddy with their new doctor kits

We had the Abts over Christmas afternoon, and headed to my parents for early dinner. Pam and Frank came for several days on the 28th, activities included McWane Center, Ijump, shopping, Homewood park, eating out, and helping pops with projects. Both grandparents got to spend New Years Eve with the kids (lucky them!) including fireworks while Paul and I enjoyed a night out with friends. We also saw our first movie at a theater in over 5 years!