Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4 yr old check-up

The kids had their 4 yr old check-up; Cason is 36 lbs and Kiley 34 lbs, Cason is 1/2 in taller.  Got a great check-up and Dr. Dudgeon said "you guys have such awesome kids, very few kids at this age will run up and hug you, they are special"  We agree!  He recommended keeping them together in preschool and separating in kindergarten.  They each got 4 shots and had to bring in 3 people to hold poor Cason down. I got tears as usual when Kiley said "mommy please help me, mommy" as tears rolled down her cheeks.  Took them to the library and chick flia for lunch as a treat.  Pretty sure no kid deserves shots during the summer, just doesn't seem right!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Beach Trip

 We had such a great beach vacation in Sandestin.  One of my pts let us borrow her golf cart to drive around for the week which was awesome.  The kids loved it and we did not get in the car once the whole week. They were better on the beach this year but still preferred the pool, asked every morning if we had to go to the beach. Really?  Are these my kids??  They have just started to learn to swim and really enjoying the water. Cason still not a big fan of the sand but liked jumping in the waves much more and going for walks on the beach.  Kiley like bathing her mermaids in the ocean and finding other little girls to play with.

Other highlights include Cason learning to swim under water, watching him swim with his goggles, swimming at the hotel pools, golf cart rides, dancing at Baytown, Cason, Kiley, Nana all sleeping in the same room, getting into the Beach Club, kids playing with Lucy at the pool party, not needing life jackets anymore, great dinners with friends, playground/treehouse, treasure hunt and Cason putting all eggs back since they didn't have candy in them, Matar car display scaring Kiley, endless giggles and smiles!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4th Birthday!

 The kids wanted a princess and pirate birthday party, so of course I said yes, even though ever year I swear I am not doing another "at home"party. My thought was to keep it simple with a bounce house and pizza, but then I started seeing all the cute decorations and couldn't resist!  The downstairs was transformed into the princess room, complete with princess dresses, high heels, a make-up and nail station, hair station, and Cinderella showed up for a tea party.

Outside we had the bounce house, pen the tale on the pirate game, walk the plank game, and a real pirate showed up for a pirate treasure hunt. When they kids first arrived, they had a basket of princess and pirate decor to pick from, including costumes. We also had a coloring station, shoot the pirate game, balloon release, and way too much food.  It was so much fun!  We kept the bounce house all weekend and the adults got to enjoy some jumping on Sunday, even Papa joined in.