Thursday, January 21, 2010

New things

Kiley has finally started saying some words!! Cason has been saying certain words for about a month, but can really only say about 15-20 words clearly. Kiley has not said much except "Barney." We picked the kids up from my parents last night after we went to church, and Kiley could say "blue and green" and knew the colors! Amazing! She also had learned how to gallop like a horse! They also know every body part and love to sing "the wheels on the bus" song and act out all of the things- so cute! Still love to dance, and it is neat to watch their different dancing styles.

Had to put the door handles on yesterday, Cason loves to lock the doors and I went to put Kiley in the car, came back up to get him and the door was locked! Thanks goodness it wasn't the deadbolt since I didn't have my keys!! He also can now put on his socks and shoes himself...a lot of 3 yr old kids can't do this yet! Smart kid!

We went to the zoo today, first time in many months as it has been cold. We met are friends, 5 of the other kids were 3 and 4, so of course mine didn't want to ride in the stroller, they wanted to follow the big kids. The walked/ran next to them the whole time, including standing on the ledges to see the animals better. Made me a little sad, they are growing up too fast!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nana and Pops visit- after Christmas

Always have a great time with Nana and Pops visit, Pops doing projects around the house and Nana helping me lots with the kids! They sure love playing with her and want her constant attention! If Nana starts reading to one of them, the other wants right up on her lap too!
Taking them to an indoor playhouse to run out some energy

They love to play in the ball pit

Cason wondering what Pops has in his hand, with much interest after he realizes it is a flashlight with "light!"

Watching one of their favorite new singing and dancing videos, again both have to be right on Nana's lap!

Christmas Day

I think Paul took this picture after the picture below!
Frying another turkey...what's in the shot glasses, boys?!

Playing with NeNe, Kiley loves her curls!

Christmas morning was wonderful! Paul and I finally woke the babies up at 7:30 b/c we couldn't wait any longer! The look in their eyes when they saw all the toys by the tree was priceless! Both of us (well mostly me) had tears in our eyes watching the excitement and endless squeals! Dad came over to join us for a huge breakfast afterwards, and the kids got to show off all their new toys. We headed to the cemetery around lunch to wish my sister Merry Christmas in which more tears were shed. Now going through all these pictures for the first time since Christmas makes me realize again how much I miss her, the first Christmas without any pictures of her.
Our good family friends Tammy and Allen came by after lunch, and Greg and his family came in shortly after, in which more squeals and much wildness began! Overall it was a great Christmas with lots of memories made. Kiley spent most of the time on Hadden's lap wanting to open all her presents right by him! He didn't seem to mind, showing her how all the toys worked!

Bribery- the kids had to sit still for a picture before any presents could be opened. It worked!

Cason's newest thing-finding things to climb on to turn the lights off and on! He has tried stools, boxes, blocks, decorative trunks, riding cars, baskets, and about anything he things we can stand on to help him reach! It is so funny! Of course Kiley has to copy but it not near an interested in lights as Cason. We think we might be an electrician!

Waiting patiently for daddy to put her 2nd stroller together. The strollers were the biggest hit for sure! The both push them around the house constantly.

Showing off the toys to Papa after breakfast.

Notice he has 3 suckers open that were in his stocking...only on Christmas!

Kiley was really into feeding her baby dolls their bottles, until she noticed Cason had candy!

Opening their stockings, looking at each thing for about 1 sec before they tossed it aside and dug for more!

Her favorite gift- the pink stroller and baby dolls that came with it!

They also loved their new riding toys, which is one of the things Cason uses to reach the lights!

Giving big brother a Christmas hug! Love it when they hug, although usually the one receiving the hug gets mad!

It is funny how they both went for the right piles of toys- girls vs boys stuff!

The boy stuff- loves his taking brooms and trashcan of course!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

December flew by with all the Christmas activities and the kids being sick most of the month-colds then hand/foot/mouth again, then sinus infections after Christmas! We have to give Cason 5 different medicines at night before bed, including a 5 minute breathing treatment! Needless to say we are ready for spring already! Below are a few highlights from the month

We changed the routine of Christmas this year to try and make things a little different since we are missing Kelsey! We attended a friend's church for the Christmas Eve service, it was very contemporary and fun, followed by coming to our house (first time we haven't spent it at my parents!) for dinner and presents. Cason is surrounded by just a few of his presents!
Kiley was more into present opening than Cason, she loved everything! Here she is opening her princess purse filled with her first play rings, necklaces, and bracelets!
Attempting a family photo is never easy, closest we could get with everyone looking!
One of Cason's favorite gifts was a bunch of play dishes, which he opened first. For the rest of the night, he put the dishes in and out of different bags in the room! Kept him entertained for hours!
Kiley said her first sentence when she opened this present- " I got Barney!" All four of us heard it and were amazed! Of course we have not heard it again, but she was so excited! This was also the first present she opened too, we could have stopped there with both and they would have been very happy!

Papa keeping them busy with empty boxes, waiting to open presents, while the rest of us finished eating.
Zoolight safari, both of their favorite thing out of all the lights and activities was this!!

They loved running up to all the lighted blow-ups and trying to climb on them!

Loving on their twin gingerbread stuffed animals that NeNe gave them!

Playing with NeNe after baking cookies together all day! So glad we live close and can plan days like this at short notice!

First time decorating Christmas cookies, they kept wanting to eat them of course and the sprinkles went everywhere! We had so much fun!

First frosted sugar cookie, loved the frosting all over both of their faces!