Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Callaway Gardens

The first picture of both of them standing up together! At the beach in Callaway Gardens by the giant slide.

Summer Vacations

This summer was filled with many trips which was quite an experience traveling with our 1 year old twins! SandDestin, Lake Lanier, Callaway Gardens, and Ocean Springs were the places we traveled to. Great times, great memories.

The kids adjusted well, although Callaway was probably the hardest for them (or us)- made the mistake of not bringing their pack in plays, so they did not sleep well! Most of the night I would look up with Kiley staring at me saying "mama" until I put her in bed with us! The rest of the night was filled with her pulling my hair, poking me in the eye, or kicking me in the face, all which she thought was so funny. As we were packing up, I put the twins in the crib and as Paul and I both carried things to the car, the door to the condo slammed shut. We quickly realized neither one of us had a key, and panic set in as the lobby was several miles away and I could hear the twins crying inside! Needless to say, we were ready to go home!

The rest of the trips went very well, the key? Babysitters!!