Monday, March 14, 2016

1st Grade

We are over half way through first grade and having a much better year than last year for both kids. Cason likes his teacher much more and has a good class that is calmer and better behaved. I am his room mom this year and volunteer 1-2 times per month. He had a great sub from Oct-Dec while his teacher was out on maternity leave. He hasn't seemed to make a good friend in his class like last year, but plays with Davis every chance he gets. This is the first year he doesn't seem to play with toys anymore and only interested in sport or technology. Loves playing any sport with the neighborhoods and they alternate between football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and wall ball (not sure what that is).

Paul and I coached his soccer team in the ball and changing to Hoover soccer club this spring. Didn't want to many girls on this team through the Y since Kiley won't play.  We meet our team this week with first game on Sat. A little unorganized so far. He played soccer and baseball in the fall and prefers soccer much to our liking! He also played basketball for the first time this winter and was one of the best dribblers on his team. It was fun to watch but Kiley did not like going to the games because she said we yelled too much! Cason is very competitive and doesn't like loosing!

He is still loves figuring things out and learning and seems to be challenged a bit more this year. His favorite subject is math and loves to figure out how much money he has and also different records for sports teams. Favorite new board game is a football game he play with Paul that involves math problems. Still loves to cuddle and sleep with me any chance he gets. He tells me he loves me and that I am the best mom every about 10 times every day. Such a sweet boy but can be stubborn and definitely has selective listening! Had to limit technology bc he will get sucked into it for hours. Also comes home from school often hungry and tired, our joke when he is running down the hill-is there a storm cloud or not. Still loves following Kiley but it has gotten a lot less, which she doesn't like!

Funny things he has said lately:
- He has changed from wanting to be a DJ to famous sports player
- Told Paul he wants to be like him when he grows up except not so grumpy
- Will be on a totally different topic and will ask me something about a sports player that I  have never heard of- talking about Christmas and he walked in and said "did you know the TCU running back has the most yards."

Kiley is still our social butterfly and if it wasn't for her we would have no idea what goes on in school or with Cason.  She fills us in on all the day's events with both her and Cason, who was wearing what, who got in trouble, who talks to much, ect. Her reading has taken off this year and she is definitely on the same level as Cason now if not higher. She still loves art and music and taking piano and gymnastics lessons all year. She had her first piano recital this past Christmas and we will all very proud! Had the whole piece memorized by Nov and said she wasn't nervous at all playing in front of that many people. She loves play dates with neighbor Kayden or Emily. Sweet to see her enjoying the same things that I used to when I was little. Riding bikes, playing baby, learning to skate, hair and make-up.  We got her to play soccer twice and she was not a fan, hoping she will want to try it again in the future. She loves running and informs me everyday her status in gym which is often 1st or 2nd on the track. 

She learned to put her own hair back this year, along with tying her shoes finally!  She still relies on Cason to help her with anything technically including putting on a movie. She can't stand if Paul gets on to her about anything, a slight raised voice or short response will have her in tears in seconds. She is a people pleaser. Still doesn't like shopping with me unless it involves going to Justice, which she recently talked her Nene into taking her there. I was told they spent over an hour looking at things and came home with a bag full!

Funny things she has said lately:
-She is too old for me to walk them to the bus stop
- She is too old for stuffed animals
- She needs her ear pieced and for me not to say one more time that I was 12, bc things are way different now than when I grew up, which was a LONG time ago
- She counted the lines on my neck and told me my cream must not be working
-She told me she will never dye her hair yellow like mine
- She tells me almost every day she wants a baby sister, which is a dramatic change from last year
- She told me I will live with her when I get old and never in a nursing home like Gigi
- She wants to save her baby clothes for her baby
-Her dream is to sing on stage with Taylor Swift
- Started to tell her about how babies come out and she stopped me and said that is too gross
-Begs Paul for daddy daughter dates mostly bc she knows he will buy her stuff I won't
- Prefers sleeping in her own bed when given the chance to sleep with me:(
-Still loves her blanket and rara but hides them when friends come over

We are headed to the beach for spring break and 4 different trips planned this summer. School starts Aug 4th this year so will be fast and short summer. They are growing up way too fast but we are enjoying every minute of it!