Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well we always said when Kiley starts talking, she isn't going to stop, and she sure runs that mouth all the time and is very loud!! Sometimes hard to tell exactly what she is saying but she does like to talk and boss us/mostly Cason around! Today I was telling Cason no to something, and she came up and said to him "big no no Cason" which is what I say to certain things! She has also started asking "why" to everything! Yesterday she asked "why" so much I finally said to her "because I am the mom and I said so, that's why" and started laughing thinking how I promised myself I was never going to say that as a mom!! She also freaks out if Cason is "touching" her, another thing I can remember yelling to my parents as a child! (mom Greg is touching/looking at me). My parents witnessed Kiley saying this Sunday night and I thought my dad was going to spit out his food from laughing so hard!

Cason still can have the quickest temper about things, but most of the time it is b/c we cannot figure out what he is saying or trying to tell us, he gets so frustrated! It also can be when he is hungry, very much like his daddy! We also see more and more similarities to his Pops with certain things, working and concentrating hard on a project and not giving up until it is done just right! He is such a sweet boy and loves telling us "please/thank you" all the time and also will come up and say "I uve (love) you mommy!" Paul puts him to bed and night and he sometimes will say "I uve you daddy" over and over again to try and get Paul to stay!


So last week was a terrible week with Cason sleeping, he was staying up until 10-11 screaming then waking up in the middle of the night for several hours. He is great during the day, otherwise I would have taken him into the doctor thinking something was wrong, but kind-of leaned my lesson with Kiley! On Friday I put him down for a nap and went downstairs to the basement, and a few minutes later heard footsteps. I looked up the stairs and saw him standing there! I was shocked, and said "Cason what are you doing" and he said "hi mommy, no nap" then took me upstairs and showed me how he climbed out of his crib, turned off his sound machine, took one of his tall toys to stand on to turn on his bedroom light, looked at me again and said "no nap". I thought well, I guess he doesn't want to take a nap today!!

By Saturday we were exhausted and desperate, called my parents and told them their grand twins were coming over to give us a much needed break, which turned into Paul taking Cason's crib front off making it into a daybed. We both commented how quite the house was with just us in it! We could actually have an adult conversation without interruptions!

It is now Tuesday night, 3rd night of "big boy bed" and he is doing much better! He is not throwing tantrums anymore at bedtime (PTL!) and enjoys his 1 on 1 time with daddy in his bedroom at night playing with quite toys and reading books. Hopefully this will continue! He also misplaced "la" over the weekend and has not asked for it once, which is amazing for how attached he was to it!

As for KiKi...her crib went back up last week and she is doing better although she is queen at stalling and still clings to me when I try and put her in bed at night, she has even told me she has poppie! I tried to give her her pacie back last week when they were both screaming still at 10, she threw it at me so I guess she is over that trick!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One on One

Today I took Kiley to a friend's house and Cason spent the day with me running errands and going to a drs appointment. It was so much fun to have one on one time with him. He was a perfect little boy and didn't whine or complain once the whole day, even in the drs quite waiting room. He laid down on his stomach on the bench and colored and after awhile sat up, looked at me and said "all done mommy," and went to looked out the window until we were called back. I had many people comment to me what a cute and good little boy he is. It is amazing how different they are one on one and not having to compete with each other for everything! I took him to get a cookie/ice cream when we were finished, he was so much fun!!! I am looking forward to one on one time with them when school starts!

Pacie update

So 2 weeks ago, after all our summer travels were over and Kiley had slept in a big bed each trip, I got the great idea to convert her crib to a "big girl bed" (aka toddler day bed) in hopes of making it a reward for giving up her pacie at night. We made a big deal out of it telling her many times "you have a big girl bed now and big girls don't have pacies" Well the first night didn't go so well, as she started telling us "me KiKi baby, KiKi no like big girl bed" and Paul ended up giving her pacie to her- way to be strong daddy.

She loves her big girl bed at all times except when it is time to go to sleep. But I stuck to my guns and after the first or second night, I didn't give into her. It has been 2 weeks now and still not going well! It usually takes about 45 min-1hr of her crying and throwing a tantrum to get her to sleep rather it be nap time or bedtime. I have tried rocking, singing, reading, rubbing her back, spanking, threatening her, letting her pick out anything to sleep with, and anything else I can think of to get her to go to sleep. The only thing that has worked is daddy, for some reason when he goes in there he can get her to sleep! Guess he has the magic touch, which doesn't help me much for nap time! I even took her into the pediatrician's office on Friday thinking for sure she had an ear infection that that was why she didn't want to sleep, especially after asking her if her ears hurt and her saying "yes mommy ear huts". After explaining the situation and looking in her ears, he asked me if I was going to be mad if he told me her ears were completely clear!

After a friends advice, we took her to pick out "anything she wanted for her big girl bed and for giving up her pacie". Again, making a very big deal out of it. She picked out a Barbie pillow and carried it around all day, very excited about it, until nap time came. When we told her it was time to go up to her big girl bed with her new Barbie pillow, she threw it down, kicked it, and said "no like Barbie pillow, me no night night"........needless to say Cason is still in his crib!