Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking away Pacie

So I decided to try and take away the pacie from Kiley, she only gets it at naps and bedtime. The first night she didn't make a sound going to sleep and slept through night. I told Paul maybe it wasn't going to be so bad after all! When Paul brought her down the stairs, she had a pacie in her mouth! Apparently she had one hidden somewhere in her bed! No wonder she didn't cry!!

The next few nights she screamed, ear piercing screams I thought the neighbors would hear her, so I gave it back. My friend Laura told me to try cutting the very end off, which I did tonight. She kept crying, after looking at the monitor I saw she didn't have it, so I went up there and found it on the floor. I calmed her down and handed her back the pacie. She put it in her mouth for a sec, took it out and threw it me, shacking her head and saying no no no.....

so taking the pacie away is not going so well!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I was in the kitchen cleaning up and noticed it was awfully quite= trouble. Look what I found! Cason must have grabbed an unopened bag of chips out of the drawer, and both ran into the closet to hide! Together they must have figured out how to open the chips! What I mess when I found them! Guilty faces!
We have been working on learning body parts, and they always want to show you their belly buttons as well as pull up everyone else's shirts to see theirs! Not everyone is show willing to show, especially in public!!

Cason giving his lil sis a hug, right before trying to steal her lucky charms!

This was the first and last time I thought I could put a snack in one cup/bowl and that they could share....that didn't last long!

Paul's 34th bday

Helping daddy open his presents! Christmas is going to be fun this year!
Night out with good friends for Paul's birthday. He thought we were only meeting one other couple; the rest were going to suprise him. However, we were rearended on the interstate and endup being 2 1/2 hours late! What luck! After 1 1/2 if sitting on the side of the interstate waiting for the cops to show up, Paul says maybe we should just go home. I then had to spoil the suprise! By the time we showed up, several people had already left!

The girls.....

Watching Barney

I made the mistake of showing Kiley that she can watch Barney on the computer. Now all she does if run up to the computer, pointing and screaming "Bar Bar Bar" until you put it on! It reminds me of the scene in Big Daddy when the little boy always screams "Kangaroo" until you get so sick of hearing it you put it on!! So cute though to walk in on this the other morning!

Playing with friends

Watching a Barney video with good twin friends Whitney and Weston. It is nice to hang out with all the "older" twins, they are great help when it comes to holding their hands, going to "get" them when they are running off, and telling me when they are putting things in their mouth! It is also nice having good advice and lots of hand me downs from the moms!

First Auburn Game!

We took the kids to their first Auburn game for homecoming last weekend, and we all had a blast! They got to experience all the things we love about Auburn, and it was so neat to get to see it through their eyes! Hugging Aubie, meeting the cheerleaders, clapping to the songs of the band during the pep rally, meeting up with friends for tailgating, watching the game (which they lasted about 5 minutes in the stands, those 5 minutes included me pulling all the tricks out of the bag- candy, chips, juice, suckers, and them changing places about 30 times before Paul said- ok lets go!). After the game, they passed right out in the stroller, and we walked them downtown Au for some shopping. Kiley soon woke up and realized she was missing out on the party, and found a giant leftover box of Halloween candy (oops- guess we were too busy looking at the au shirts- she walked herself right back through the "employee only" door where she found the candy). What a fun day we had!

Kiley enjoying her sucker much more than the game on daddy's lap!

Running up and down the ramps in the stadium, much preferred than the stadium seats!

Playing football before the game with daddy

Cason pushing is way through the other kids to get to hug Aubie.

Quick family photo taken by the lady in front of us in the stands! Hard to believe it was November with that warm sun!

Meeting up with our twin friends Addison and Grayson before the game! Looks like Laura has her hands full, good thing she is used to it!

Watching the Tiger Walk, both loved the band and clapped along with the songs!

Both ran right up to hug Aubie, although Kiley was a little unsure!

Getting their pictures with the cheerleaders! Cason sure didn't mind going right to these pretty girls!

The boys waiting on the girls (aka me and Kiley) to hurry up and get ready so we can go to the game!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Typical day with toddler twins

Up at 5:30 with ear pain for Kiley, they day begins! Today we met some friends at the library for story time. I left the house with wet hair and no shoes, since it is impossible to shower and get ready with 2 toddlers wanting your undivided attention. Rewinding Barney only works so long.

In the parking lot, I got Cason out, who was soaking wet from his sippy cup that he took the valve out of. Go to get Kiley next, immediately realizing she has major poop, thanks to the third antibiotic she is now on for her ears. Checking the bag I see that there is only 1 wipe left, I try to put Cason back in his car seat, which is like trying to strap in a mad bucking bull, so I can change Kiley with only 1 wipe.

Finally in the library! All the other kids sat quietly on their mom's lap and listened to the songs and story's...Kiley and Cason? Cason was running around the room, on the stage, taking bean bags and throwing them in the trash can (surprise), then would stop in his tracks when he heard a song he liked and start dancing and clapping. Kiley wanted to be in the center and went straight up to the teacher and sat in her lap. When the teacher started the puppet song, Kiley kept grabbing all the puppets she had behind her bag and screaming at the top of her lungs...think she was ruining the song for sure!! Sometimes I do wish they were more shy! At the end we did a craft, which was making a turkey, Kiley took the eyes off of the turkey and ate them, Cason put the whole glue stick in his mouth, and got furious when I took it out. Maybe they are not ready for story time!!

We quickly left for the park after the little girl sitting next to us (although I was the only one sitting) started throwing up! After an hour at the park, I realized the expensive light yellow outfits were the wrong color for playground equipment..thank goodness for stain remover...or my mom who usually gets the bad stained clothes to work on! Parks are still hard (what isn't with 2 toddlers?). Always times when one of them gets out of my sight, which panics me. Today Kiley ran around the little potty house and Cason was in the middle of the high equipment, couldn't reach him quickly or leave him for fear of him falling, but also couldn't see Kiley! Not sure why I put myself in these situations....

Stop by Ginger's for lunch, seeing that I forgot to pack lunch for me (one reason I stay skinny I guess), then head home. Both fall asleep in car despite all windows down, radio full blast, and suckers in their hands. The problem? Car stops and they think naps are done! Which was the case for Kiley, who never went back to sleep! So another long day for me, with no break! My defiant daughter kept climbing the outside of the staircase tonight, which is extremely dangerous, and after 4 times of getting a (light) spanking and leading her to timeout, she looked up and bit my hand. Think I am in for it with her! wow

Paul finally gets home around 6:15; has a nice dinner waiting on him; helps me feed, bathe and put then to bed by 7:30. Then says "gosh they sure are exhausting"...I am very quick to give him the evil eye!!

But the exhausting days are all worth it when they run up to hug you, when you hear them giggle, when you see the way they light up when daddy gets home, and when you are singing them to sleep and they sing with you, all cuddled up in your arms. Wouldn't trade my days with them for anything in the world!! Another day in paradise!!


Celebrating Frank and Paul's b-day, first time the kids got ice cream, was a big hit except for the sugar before bedtime!

Playing with Luke in the front yard, the kids think he is a giant pillow and also love trying to ride him like a horse. Trees in front are red, yellow, and orange, so pretty! Love fall!

Our first time playing at kids gym, they had a blast playing there with their good twin friends Addison and Grayson!

First time on a trampoline, not sure what to do but loved to climb on and off!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had so much fun at Hunter Street's Trunk or Treat! Kiley picked up very quickly on the concept of holding out her pumpkin and getting candy, while Cason just wanted to run everywhere as fast as he could! Both of them loved the adults dressed up, especially the bear! Thank goodness Nana and Pops showed up from Florida just in time to help me chase them around!

Carving a pumpkin

I have learned that anything you do with 1 yr olds, even if you think it is a great idea and going to be lots of fun, reality is it usually is- for about 10 minutes, the length of their attention span. Story time, sing alongs, train rides, finger painting, coloring, and pumpkin carving are just a few of our activities last week. Most of the time is usually takes longer for me to clean up the mess than the time we spent doing the activity!