Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Fun 2010

I am not doing very well at keeping this updated! Christmas was so much fun this year, the kids loved all the activities and both were very eager to sit on Santa's lap! Cason said he wanted "a black choo choo" and Kiley said she wanted a "pink baby doll bed", which of course they both got! Kiley loved opening all the presents and did not care as much about looking at the present as much as going on to the next one to open! At a Christmas play at the library, we sat in the front row and during a quite moment, Cason yelled twice "I tooted mommy" needless to say we left soon after! They also loved all the Christmas parades although Kiley said the marching band "scare me"

Every morning both of them would say "good morning Christmas tree, good morning elfie, good morning Santa", it was so cute. Elfie came out this year to "watch them and report back to Santa if they were good or bad", one day when Cason was acting up and I told him Elfie was watching, he told me "no mommy, Elfie only watching Kiley", which of course I laughed at! The kids are really starting to say funny things and either love eachother or hate eachother! Some days they play so well together, follow eachother around and get in giggle fits, other days it seems they fight all day! Kiley has really turned into the leader and the boss, and says several times a day "come on Cason, come over here" and usually Cason will do it! They love hiding under the covers or in closets/bathrooms and yelling "hurry, hide dinasours coming!"

Kiley does not like the cold, and a few days ago I was putting Cason in the car at the store and K was in the cart yelling "somebody help me, its freezing" at the people walking by! Both of them also like to tell daddy "go to time out daddy" and when P says "why do I need to go to time out" they will say "daddy been naughty" and start laughing. Kiley still gets upset when daddy "leave me" and sometime takes awhile to get over it when P gets home.

Both of them had to hug frosty and the Christmas tree bye when taking them down, and much drama involved with that! Kiley had told us several times since "I want Santa to come again", don't we all! Cason is still very sensitive and so nice to his sister, if he gets something he makes sure to "get one for sissy" although can't say the same about Kiley! He still has frustration fits which usually always involve something Kiley did/took!

They have their own twin talk lately, they will start saying things to eachother and go into giggle fits, and when I ask what they are talking about they repeat themselves, which I can't understand, then start laughing again! It was a fun month with them and enjoying watching them learn new things everyday! I will work on posting some pictures later!