Thursday, November 18, 2010

More funny things out of 2 yr olds mouths!

Cason took me into the playroom yesterday where he showed me his little figures and told me "big bird in time out" and I asked "why did you put big bird in time out? and he said "big bird hit cookie monster"

At the mall on Monday we were in the Christmas store when Cason started yelling "I broke it mommy" pointing to an ornament and wouldn't stop yelling it

When we were at the mall, I bought the Elf on Shelf and got all excited to read them the story and hid the Elf, thinking for sure they would shape up as soon as I pointed out "Elfie is watching and going to report back to Santa you are fighting and going to bring you one less toy" Well that worked for about 1 minute! They do like to find the Elf in a different spot each am, and when they are fighting and I point to Elfie, they eventually go tell Elfie they are sorry and blow him a kiss, it is cute! Last night when Cason was misbehaving, I told him "look up, Elfie is watching you" and he told me "Elfie not watching me, Elfie watching Kiley" I cracked up!

Kiley continues to point out what our breath smells like, in the am it is "pew wii coffee breath", I have been told "chip breath" and she told NiNi the other night "cookie breath" then of course told NiNi she wanted a cookie too!

I asked her if I could go to school with me, and she said "no, you are too big" but at least when I ask her how old I am, she says "1"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Week!

Halloween week was super busy for us! The kids main costumes were Tinkerbell and Peter pan, but they also wore Dorothy and the Lion, which Kiley looked so cute with her hair in pick tails (I failed to get a picture before they fell out!), and Dalmatian and Ballerina. I had so many costumes different people had given me, I let them wear them all to different things! Sunday we went to Old Baker Farm pumpkin patch and had a great time. Papa came with us and the kids got to run through a corn maze and a hay maze, watch and hear folk musicians, pick cotton out of a field, jump in a trailer full of cotton, pet and see animals, watch black smiths, meet Indians and watch them dance, and take a tractor hay ride out to the pumpkin patch where we got to pick out our own pumpkins! It was such a fun day, mostly to see and hear their laughter and excitement! Worth every penny!

Monday we had a party at the library during our "together with twos" story time, read stories about nice monsters then watched a play and decorated pumpkin cookies. Tuesday they had their party at school, we all went to the local pumpkin patch and met back at the school for a pizza party. All the kids were very well behaved, even with all the cookies! Tuesday night we tried to take the kids treat or treating at the library, but as soon as we got there the tornado sirens went off and they made everyone leave! Wednesday night we had the big "trunk or treat" at Hunter Street church, it was extremely crowded! Kiley was a little shy and held back with us, but Cason ran right up to each station and put his pumpkin right on the table yelling "trick or treat", was so cute and the opposite of last year! They got to get on an ambulance and I was very glad we were not riding in it this time!

Thursday am we had playgroup party at our house and got to dress up once again! We made pumpkin crafts and had a great time playing with their friends! Thursday night we had NiNi, Papa, and Gigi over for dinner and pumpkin carving. What fun it was to watch them dig into the pumpkins and then their excitement when Papa put a candle in the carved pumpkin and turned the lights out! Such memories! So glad GiGi could join us in all the festivities!
Friday night we had another big party at our friends Blake and Laura, all the kids looked so cute dressed up and Paul and I also dressed up to match the theme of the kids! Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Pirate and "Mrs Pan". We enjoyed chili and another hayride through the neighborhood!

Sat am we took the kids to a fun festival at Spain Park, they got to make crafts and jump on jumpies, their favorite thing right now, especially Kiley! I think they both jumped for over an hour. That night we had friends over for the game and all walked down to the cul da sac party, with bon fire and more jumpies! Sunday we took them to the zoo, which was decorated for Boo at the Zoo and they kids loved haunted train ride! Sunday night we had early dinner at NiNi and Papa's and took them trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was so funny to watch them run so fast to every door, ringing the bell and peeking through the windows, holding their pumpkin out and saying "trick or treat and thank you" Cason was thrilled to get to ring about 15 different doorbells! We were told several times "that scare me" from both of the kids throughout the week!!

Conversations with a 2 yr old

Kiley started crying after I put her to bed, so I went up there and she said "I wet" (which she does almost every night for attention) While I was changing her she said "daddy take big poppies" which I said "what" and she said "daddy take big poppies, downstairs" and I said "great" and she said "Cason flushed it" which I said "great" and she said "I watched" and I said "great story"

Put her back in bed and she said "where KiKi's pacie" and I said "I can't find them, they are lost and you have to go to sleep without pacie" and she said "pacie back there" pointing behind her crib, so I pulled the crib out and got her pacie and she looked at it and said "pink pacie, where purple pacie" and I said "pink pacie is the only pacie left so you better hold onto it b/c I am not buying you any more" and she said "go to grocery store and buy purple pacie too"

walked out of room laughing....