Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 months

Can't believe it has been since March since I have posted! Wow how time flies. We moved the home computer downstairs for Paul to use for work (some reason he insists he needs 2 screens...) so every time I think about posting he is on it!!

Summer has flown by and we have had so much fun. Our summer has consisted of many trips in May/June- Destin twice, lake once, family reunion and wedding. The kids did pretty well but glad to spend most of July at home! Our weekdays stay the same for the most part- bible study on Mondays, pool on Tuesdays, play group on Wed, usually zoo, store, ect.. on Thursdays and pool again on Fridays. We have enjoyed extending bedtime to 8:00 or 8:30 this summer and them sleeping in until 7:30-8:30. This am I had to wake Kiley up at 9:15! Lazy summer mornings with my two munchkins are the best! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them!

Since my last post, the kids have turned two! I can't say it has been the "terrible twos" so far, it actually is a lot easier now that we can communicate more with them. They can (or try) to repeat everything we ask them too and really have to watch what we say now! Kiley is easier to understand and talks more (the girl--shocker) but Cason is trying hard. They have picked up names for each other- Kiley calls Cason "Bo Bo" and Cason calls her "Sissy"...Today I asked Cason what his name was and he told me "Bo Bo", I told him no, it was Cason and Kiley, who over head immediately said "no mommy, that's Bo Bo" Guess we need to work on that before they really think that their names are Bo Bo and Sissy!!

They also have figured out how to blame the other one for things, when I ask " Kiley I think you have stinky pants" knowing it is her, she says "no, Bo Bo does" and Cason blames her as well! No matter what it is, they always blame each other! "Ok guys, who spilled the water"...both say the other name! It is pretty funny most of the time. They have really started interacting and playing together pretty well just in the past few months. I like to spy on them to see what they are skimming up together or what they are saying to each other. Seems like if one of them is doing something they probably know is not right, the other one joins right in! The other day I watched as Kiley decided to take all my shells (from Cabo) that were in a dish on the porch, stand up on the couch on the porch and throw them one by one behind the couch. As soon as Cason saw her, he intermediately joined in the fun. I went out and said in a stern voice "Who started this" and Kiley said "Bo Bo did".....interesting

We had a great 4th of July packed with way too many activities, lake, 2 pool parties, cookout, and 2 different firework shows, which Kiley said the whole time "fireworks scare me Ki Ki" -we are still working on the pronouns...

What else has changed in 4 months...they have now become shy when walking into a big group of people, they used to run right in and now cling to us, especially Kiley, until they warm up. I wish they would cling to us in other T mobile this morning or the post office! They both decided to run like manics and see how fast they can destroy the store! I still haven't figured out what to do in a situation like that, sometimes I can't leave right away and you can't spank them in the middle of the store now days. I usually get the candy out of the bag as quickly as possible and tell them they can't have any unless they sit down...sometimes this works but then I always think- I just gave them candy for bad behavior.....

Favorite toys- still the riding toys, they love riding as fast as they can around the house and playing bumper cars with each other. They also both love these dancing videos and most recently have become obsessed with the Auburn Tigers DVD. My sister bought this for them when I was pregnant and I thought it was a waste of money but gosh how I wish she was here now to see how much they absolutely love it! They also like playing with the train table and their activity table with colors, markers, paint, ect...which they have been really good with keeping it on the papers ( I will probably regret those words). Just last week, they both decided they now want to take a shower at night instead of a bath, which was really weird to us b/c before they were terrified of the shower. It is actually much easier to let them play in the shower and just reach in and wash them than to bend over the bath tube and worry about them drowning if you leave the room just for a second.

 Some how the pictures got posted all mixed up in the middle of my writing, oh well!  Pool party fun at the family reunion, Cason was so tired he fell asleep on Papa in the chair!
 Coloring with NiNi while everyone was playing cards in the kitchen, they love their one on one time!
 This is how Kiley watched the fireworks, saying "fireworks scare me KiKi" the whole time!
 My buddy cuddling with me when I got a 24 hr stomach bug this summer
 Following their favorite big boys on a hike at Oak Mountain with all the "old people" lacking behind!
 Another attempt at a "cousins" picture during the reunion. We love having Hadden and Spencer around who constantly entertain the kids!  They love their big cousins for sure!
 How Cason watched the fireworks- he liked them but was pretty warn out by the time they started at 9:15!
 One of the pool parties during the forth of July weekend- "pre party" for the fireworks.  Few days after Cason's hair got butchered!  4 weeks later  his bangs still aren't grown out!
 Fun times at the zoo!
 Father's Day pose, they are so cute and love their daddy and papa!
 Beach trip walking with Nana in Sandestin- one of the few times she was not carrying him!
 She sure is cute when she will actually sit and smile for the camera- a rare occasion!

 Waiting for Pops, are ride over to the beach!
 Learning how to play cards with the big kids- if Hadden is doing it, they will be right beside him!
 Great Grandma and all of her great grand kids!  Cason was not sitting still so I had to hold him up! Kiley is going to get a lot of attention with all these boys!  We need someone to have a girl now!!

They also have started telling us when they don't like something we make...."don't like it mommy" but I have been good about only making one thing for lunch/dinner and if they don't like it, they don't have to eat it. I was really excited to introduce peanut butter sandwiches a little after they turned two, but neither of them really cared for it! They will eat peanut butter crackers.  Kiley has also mimicked me in my dislike for bugs. If she sees a bug, she starts screaming "mommy help" and "shoo bug", I went in the attic to get a box and a dead roach was under it, I started screaming at the top of my lungs and when she saw it, she said "bug mommy, shoo that bug" and Cason went in and tried to pick it up...typical.  Another funny thing-  on one of our beach trips, NaNa (Paul's mom) taught the kids how to chant "party, party, party" when we were headed to one of Paul's many work parties.  Now, whenever we tell Cason to say that, he says "Nana parties, Nana parties"

Behavior- when people ask me which one the leader is, I always hesitate. Kiley is definitely the boss, but they both follow each other around pretty equally. I had a good college friend visit us (Tiffany) last month who told me not only was Kiley the boss of Cason, but she was the boss of the house! She is very good at telling me " no no mommy" and already tells me to go in the other room if I come in the room she is in and she doesn't want me in there...where is my sweet little baby girl?!?? She does not mind getting in trouble or sitting in time out, unless daddy puts her there. Cason is the opposite- he gets his feeling hurt very easily and hates getting in trouble, if you just raise your voice at him his lower lip starts quivering and the tantrum starts. He is definitely good at throwing the full blown on the floor screaming tantrums, this usually occurs at least once a day and he does not think anything about doing it in public!!

I left Paul with the kids for a long weekend this past weekend for the first time and they did great! Paul said they had a lot of fun but he had no idea how I kept the house picked up or got anything else done except watching the kids...he has much more appreciation now for a clean house!