Monday, October 21, 2013

Kiley's Class

I got to help with Kiley's class the next week,  and her teacher had the day set up very similar. First, they started off in circle time and did the calender, said a bible verse and discussed it, sang a bunch of adorable songs, then prayed. I loved circle time, what a great way to start out the day. So happy we are able to send them to a great Christian school their first year.

Next was the similar stations, with 2 have to works and 3 centers to be completed by Thursday, Ms. Jen with the reading group and Ms. Susan coming to get groups for math.  Kiley was very well behaved and did all her centers in the first day as well. She did great on the reading and separating the words, I was so proud of her. 

Her teacher seemed more laid back, and the class was very well behaved. I didn't feel so overwhelmed, probably because I knew what to expect, and also her class wasn't so loud. For 14 kids, they are a very quite class!  Did laugh (or shake my head) at some of the girl drama I already saw, how does this already start happening in kindergarten?!

Love that I am able to volunteer in the classrooms, so fun and love being with my kids. Miss them being gone everyday. Did experience the trouble with having the kids in separate classrooms this year, want to be at both of their special activities and parties, but only one mommy trying to sign up for two rooms at the same time!  Also at the pumpkin patch the kids did the activities with their class and I had to pick which one to go with...auugg!!  Once again I need to clone myself.

Mommy helper

Today was my first Tuesay to volunteer in classrooms, rotating classrooms every other Tues from 9-11. Today's was Cason's and they have 2 daily works and 3 centers to complete for me to check each kid off. They are divided into 4 different groups based on ability. I work with 2 groups, Ms Lynne takes 1 for reading and Ms Susan ( good teacher from last yr) takes 1 out of room for math.

Cason is in the most advanced group and was first to finish everything and did so with ease. Centers don't have to be finished until Thursday and he was done with all in an hour on the first day. He is gonna need some challenges so he won't get bored!

Very impressed with teacher, you can tell she has been doing it a long time. She was working on vowels and constants and sounds, not just what is this word, and had neat ways to help the  kids remember.

Me on the other hand a little stressed with everyone wanting me to check them at once, all different abilities. At one point a girl tripped over my shoe while one boy dumped the whole glue bottle out all over him ( top fell off). Kids not allowed to interrupted Lynne at reading center no matter what so I had lots of little ones wanting help! Had fun though and neat to see how kids are doing, really enjoyed it.

Not much social time but little they had Cason mostly interacted with Ethan, his friend from last year. Another advanced girl name Clair seems to have a crush on him, was cute. Who wouldn't!":)