Thursday, May 31, 2012

T ball

Cason took a T ball skills course through the Hoover rec that ended a few weeks ago. It was a great experience for him to get used to listening to a coach and start basic skills. There were no games except at the very end. It was a good bonding time for him and daddy although Kiley and I couldn't help but tag along a time or two.  It was so cute to watch him but got the glance into the "frustrating" part of sports with your kids as did Paul, at times we wanted to shout (and probably did) "why can't you catch/hit the ball, its right in front of you" but then we would look around at the other little ones who were just as much if not more in outer space too!  I had to remind Paul several times that he is only 3!  It was good for him to do something without Kiley and learn to meet other kids on his own.  He really did a great joy following instructions, doing the skills stations, and running the bases of course! At one point during their only game he walked over to the sidelines as told Paul he was bored and ready to go home! Maybe soccer will be his sport!  He was the cutest kid on the team in his little Au cap and way too big team tshirt. At the end they had a little game, party, and trophy hand-out. Another proud mommy moment!!!

First Swim Lesson

Well school is out and summer has officially started! Changed my schedule at work to (hopefully) all day Mondays and 1/2 day Wednesdays only if needed. Gracie, a young teenager in the neighborhood had her first day babysitting the kids yesterday. I was a little nervous leaving but things seem to have gone great and the house was even all picked up when I got home.  Mom kept them in the afternoon, and Christie will be keeping them Monday ams.

Kids started swim lessons this am, and I am one proud mommy!  They did way better than I expected, had excellent behavior and did everything the instructor asked, including jumping off the side by themselves, and going under with him.  I thought the instructor (Zack) was around 15 or 16, and turns out he is almost 23!  Wow I can't judge age very well anymore!  Kiley was a little hesitant meeting him and did not smile much throughout the lesson, she still gets a little nervous around young boys, wish that would last!! She kept turning around to make sure I was still there. Cason was grinning ear to ear the whole 45 minutes and gave Zack several suggestions on what he thought they should do next.

We have really enjoyed the Y since we joined a few weeks ago, my only complaint is the nursery is way too jammed with kids and kids have already caught a bad cold from there.  Their first nanny Jill works there and kids enjoy seeing her again.

We had a blast at the lake this past Memorial Day weekend, kids are so easy now, slept in same bed with no issues, and both passed out on the boat when they were tired. Kiley stayed in the lake the whole time, we called her our little fish, and would only get out to eat and sleep. She would literally get out and say "mommy I am ready to lay down and take my nap now"  Cason was digging sandcastles and refused to put his hands in sand or sit in it, he got over that after the first day but still liked to watch off right away, he sure makes us laugh!  Silvia's parent and their friends came on Sunday, and the kids were quite drawn to their elderly friends, sat on their laps in the boat, cuddled next to them. At the end of the day the lady asked me what we did to make them so affectionate and well-behaved, stating "they must be church kids"  Benson still swears they mixed up the "the juice" in the clinic, that it is impossible for Paul to have such sweet kids!

Highlights included watching the kids catch their first fish, watching them jump off the boat for the first time, with the look on their face like "I had no idea I was going to go under", swimming with no fear, building sandcastles, having them both sleep on my lap as we were boating, fire and smores at night, watching fireworks off the dock, getting on the 58ft house boat for Kiley to potty (since princess wouldn't go in the lake) and her turning to Paul saying "daddy you need to buy us a boat like this".  Cason going up to Benson, unprompted, and telling him "thank you so much for having us at the lake and taking us on your boat, I love you Benson"  sweetest kids ever!  Growing up our summer vacations were spent at the lake, and holds such wonderful memories, I am glad we get to pass on similar experiences and memories to our kids!  Walking into their lake house I could close my eye and swear I was back at Grand Lake, completely different lake and house, but somehow has the same smells!

We have had a great first week of summer, and looking forward to the months ahead. Can't believe we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary this weekend, where has the time gone?