Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I talked Paul into taking us on a small get away for Spring Break. We headed over to the Ga aquarium on Thursday, not sure what to expect but heard it was fun. A little pricey but well worth the memories. Got to see whale sharks, penguins, 3D Nemo movie, dolphin show and lots of other sea life! Kiley said her favorite part was "the man singing during the dolphin show" and Cason "getting sprayed by the water during the Nemo movie". Paul said next time he would spray him with the hose and save a lot of money!

The kids passed out in the car after a long day and we headed slowly to Benson and Silvia's, thinking how much we didn't miss Atl traffic! We all slept well in a small bedroom together, and headed to the lake Friday am after a few shopping stops. We all had a great time at the lake, taking the boat to different "islands" and letting the kids run around in the sand. Spent most of Sat afternoon at the Beach Club, more sand castle building and time on the boat, lots of snacks and juice boxes for kids and parents! Kiley was brave enough to get in the water despite the chilly temperatures, while I spent most of the time going between a sweat suite and bikini. Cooked out both nights with pretty sunsets on lake followed by campfire and smores, not sure if the kids or us enjoyed them more!

The kids were extremely affectionate with Silvia and Benson, giving lots of hugs and kisses. At one point Cason went up to Benson, gave him a hug and said "thank you so much for the boat ride Benson" Benson looked at Paul more than once saying "how on earth did you produce such sweet kids" I also overheard Kiley telling Cole that he needed some girl toys and girl movies so it would be more fun.

Can't believe it is already time to start planning the kids 4th birthday. Seems like I just got done with their 3rd and doesn't seem like 4 yrs ago we were having dinner with Tom and Beth, who have older twins, reassuring us that things will be so much easier once they turn 4. They were 12 weeks old at the time.

Cason had his first T ball practice last night, he was one of the youngest and the jersey they gave him is at least 3 sizes too big. Paul tried shrinking it but didn't work. It is just a skills practice and no games and Paul said he did pretty good. Was "lost in space" at first but think we was overwhelmed with all the kids, ages 3-6 so he was running around with bigger kids. Played minnows and sharks and he was one of the last minnows. He was so excited before and coming home telling me about it. Kiley dances around doing twirls and telling me how she wants to be a ballerina. Sometimes she's coordinated and other times trips over things like me! Got to put her in dance soon.

The kids continue to entertain us with things they say and do. Still very into playing "family" were Kiley is the mom and Cason the dad, walk around "calling" each other which confuses Paul and I. Had their first conference with their teacher who said they are excelling in all the schoolwork and on their preschool testing, biggest issue is they are very dependent on each other, get upset if they can't sit or stand by each other, and like not only to be by each other, but holding hands. As she was telling me all this, I walked out and saw then in line, holding hands!

Greg and family coming in town this weekend, excited to see boys, haven't seen baby since Dec.