Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting a hug from Addison at the park!
Playing at Homewood Park during the Chili cookoff- first nice day all winter!
2 sets of twins!
My first pony tail!
Opening our Valentines from NeNe!
Wearing her pretty Vday skirt from Nana!
First time playing in snow! Kiley ate it the whole time! They loved the snow!


I keep trying to update this blog every week and it just hasn't happened! The babies are only 6 weeks away from turning 2, I can't believe it. They are growing up so very fast and their personalities are different and fun to watch!
Cason is still the sensitive one, only have to look at him and say no in a stern voice and his lower lip starts quivering and he wants to make up with you right away! He hates getting in trouble and thinking someone is upset/mad at him, just like me! He is the leader, and plays very well with others; he does not fuss if someone (mainly Kiley!) takes his toys, he just goes on to the next toy! He is such a sweet little guy and loves to be rocked and cuddled on. Has to have his "lol" which is what he calls his lovie. Not as in to TV but will watch for a few minutes. He has a very short attention span and likes to be by me at all times if possible! If I walk out of the room, he come to find me within a few minutes! He does not like to be by himself at all! Just like me too! He likes to help us with everything we do, and comes running if he hears Paul open the back door to take the trash out! He HAS to go and help and also loves to push the trashcan up and down the driveway with Paul. If he is fussy, it is usually b/c he is very hungry or tired. He loves 1 on 1 time!

Funny things he has done lately- he puts things on top of his head and pretends he is sneezing, with the "thing" falling off his head when he pretend sneezes. He saw this done at story time and it is so funny to watch him do this! Yesterday in the mall, I was shopping and he was standing beside me in the store doing this to a little baby sitting in a stroller, trying to make her laugh. It was so cute to watch! He loves his baths and swimming in the tube and blowing bubbles. He makes a funny face furrowing his eyebrows which we call "casting spells." Loves to give hugs to other kids, run around naked with us trying to chase him, and saying "mama or dada" all day long! If we are trying to get him to say something he can't, he will just go back to saying "mama" or dada. Favorite toy right now is all the riding toys and pushing things around the house. Also he has started putting on socks and shoes by himself! Learned to open doors a few days ago and is so proud to open and shut all the doors in the house! Last night I was rubbing his back and singing to him while he was laying in his bed and he looked up and said "mama bye bye" and started waving, I guess he was tired of me singing!!! It is so neat to watch them learn new things everyday! Such a joy to be able to stay home with them!!

Kiley is still are independent, strong willed one! If she does not get her way or is told no, she throws a complete tantrum, on the floor, kicking and screaming! DRAMA QUEEN!! The other night we were with my mom, who witnessed several tantrums and I said "mom what I am going to do with her?" and the only thing mom said was "good luck"... She loves to play with her friends and still calls Cason either "B"or "D" can't figure out where that one came from...she is good at playing by herself and will sit and look at her books for hours. She loves TV, just like her dad and rotates through different favorite shows. Right now she if very into Dora, princess stuff, Sesame Street, and doggies. She has her lovie and blanket she has to sleep with and her hair is long enough for pig tails and pony tails!! I have to let her play with my makeup though to be able to do her hair! She likes to be rocked at night and climbed out of her crib the other night in protest of going to bed! I was so scared/mad at her at the same time! The bumper pads came out right away and she has not done it again. Very sad to have to take the cute bumper pad out, moving on to the next stage:( I am NOT ready to put her in a big girl bed so hopefully this will work! Besides the tantrums, she is a very good girl and easy to entertain. She already wants to be doing girlie things that I do like putting on makeup, necklaces, high heels, dress-up, ect... She loves to hold hands with her girl friends and will REFUSE to hold my hand if they are around! She loves to try and boss Cason around but usually ends up following him. Favorite toy for her right now is also her riding toys, strollers and grocery carts. Funny things she has done lately- she pointed at Cason's (privates) in the bath and says "pee pee" very loudly in which Paul replies by saying you are not allowed to see one of those until you are married! She likes to copy Cason

Here they are pushing their carts around, her trying to tell him something!

Trying to get all 4 grand kids in a picture with NeNe- impossible!

Running into wake daddy up when they realized he was sleeping on the couch! He must of been bad the night before..ha!

This is the "casting the spells" look!

Kiley does not know the meaning of personal space and Nana recently taught her how to Eskimo kiss!
Snuggled up to daddy after a nice bath...guess this picture answers the question about her still having a pacie at night! Goal if before 2! Every day I think tonight I am not going to give her the pacie, but I am so tired by bedtime it is just easier to give it to her!!

Hugging on Clayton, not sure he likes it!

Good friends over, this is one of her best girl friends Addison, the other is Whitney who has a twin brother!

Video of them dancing, which they love to do and have their own little moves! A nightly routine when daddy gets home is to turn on the music and dance!