Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was almost 2 months full of fun for us! I packed in as many activities as possible and started the Christmas music around the clock on Nov 1st, which some, including my husband, thought was a little out of control! Some of the highlights included Homewood and Summit Christmas parades, in which Kiley still reminds me how she "got hit in the head hard with candy" and Cason reminds me how we missed the Hoover Christmas tree lightening every time we pass the library "b/c we were late" but made it to the parade instead.

Christmas festivals at the Hoover library including a play and gingerbread decorating, which the kids had a blast doing; seeing Santa at the mall and picking out 2011 ornaments; decorating cookies with NeNe and several times at home, all which consisted of seeing how many sprinkles could fit on one cookie; a weekend in Nashville and long day at the Gaylord Opery- got free tickets to Ice given to us, but had to duck out of line due to meltdowns and starving kids after waiting 50 minutes and being told the line was another hour; looking at Christmas lights with the cousins and in town with kids telling Paul "daddy you need to put lots more lights on our house" Zoolight Safari where Cason told Santa he wanted an Ipad, Santa's response was to look up at Paul and say "an Ipad" with a raised eyebrow! Paul leaving the house at 5am to get in line to get a leappad for Cason, the only thing he wanted for Christmas, and me hearing the excited that he was #18 out of 20 that got one, pretty sure he was more excited than even Cason was!

Kids in their first Christmas program, I predicted disaster but they both did great, sang all the songs and did the actions with very proud mommy, daddy, NeNe and Papa in the audience. Got many "hi mommy and daddy" from both while on stage but we were beaming with pride! Can't believe they are old enough to be on stage in a program! What happened to my babies? But everything is getting so much easier and therefore fun to take them to! Christmas was completed with kids sitting with us and singing carols in church on Christmas Eve, and having dinner and opening presents here at our house to follow with NeNe and Papa; leaving milk and cookies out for Santa and being so excited when they saw it was gone the next am! Paul and I staying up until midnight to get everything just perfect for the next am while watching Family Man; me awake at 6:30am and had to wait until 8 before I finally woke everyone else up, couldn't stand it anymore!! The excitement and squeals were priceless!

Elfie returned this year and was a little mischievous; some funny things he did was unwrap the toilet paper, dump the candy bowl out, pulled magnets off the refridge, got into the sugar and gum drop tree, and drew funny faces on one of their pictures! Cason was very quick to apologize to Elfie when he was misbehaving and beg him not to tell Santa; Kiley acted like she didn't care. She was in time out one day and told me "mommy Elfie is watching you put me in time out and he is going to tell Santa you are not being nice"

A few other funny things they have said:

Kiley- "Christmas tree is wearing a tutu" me- "no its called a skirt" K- "well I'm calling it a tutu"
"everyone was mean to me today in school" me- "I find that hard to believe" K-"well they were, they wouldn't let me kiss them"
K-"some kids have to live in their cars b/c they are not thankful to God" she said this a few days after we were telling them to Thank God for having a house to live in, that some kids don't even have a house.
Shopping and look over and Kiley had her pants pulled down and was scratching her behind, mortified I quickly said "Kiley was are you doing pull your pants up" K- "you didn't wipe me good enough mommy"
- I forgot where we parked the car at the mall and had to get the cops to help me, it was in one parking deck over that looked exactly the same; I was so embarrassed and told them not to tell anyone especially daddy, well of course as soon as he walked in and we sat down for dinner, it was the first thing out of her mouth. So much for secrets!

Cason- talking to him about Heaven one night and asked him "where is Heaven" wanting him to say where Jesus is and he said "right down the street"
I was holding him and he pointed to my forehead and said "what is that on your forehead", looking in the mirror I said "I don't see anything, what are you talking about" C-"go like this again" (raising his eyebrows up and down) I did this and said "those are my worry lines" C-"no those are wrinkles, mommy"
Pulling up to the store and saying "oh no its closed, that stinks" C-"why is Sams stinky, mommy"

When we were little grandma made up "Yahottie" which was the imaginary person that got blamed for everything when we wouldn't admit to things. Cason has made up "The Old Mother" and she is around a lot! Even if I see him do something, he will say "that old mother was here again" and one time I said I guess that old mother is back, he said "she is really mean, she might even kick you, you have to watch out for her mommy"; also if he gets mad the ultimate insult is him telling you you will not be in his story, you will be in the old mother's story.

The kids will get in these imagination roles, in which they become totally oblivious to everyone else around them, and won't answer to their names, you have to call them by whatever game they are playing "I am not Cason, I am daddy, or doggie, or Ms Brooks, ect..." it is quite entertaining to listen and watch them!

Always sad when Christmas is over, but looking forward to a great New Year with a wonderful family that keeps me laughing! I wish I could bottle time and keep them little longer!