Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 years old

 My babies turn 5 years old! How did this happen?!? Quick look back on what was happening 5 years ago stating with ....what it took to get pregnant. Wow!
 I was only 25 weeks pregnant in this picture, taking my knee high support hose off at the end of the day. Very painful to even get out of bed each morning from all the swelling. By week 32, I could only fit in Paul's tennis shoes, and could barley walk. I remember getting stuck in the bathtub numerous times. 

5-1-08:  Finally being induced, a day shy of 35 weeks. We sure weren't prepared for the nightmare surgery's to come.
After being told I had less than an hour to live by my surgeon, a tough decision was made, and a surgery that saved my life. I will never forget the faces of the people at UAB that worked on me all night long and the next several days in the ICU.  4 days after delivery, I was finally able to see my babies!  Straight out of the ICU, off a vent, with central line still attached, I  was pretty out of it. But the overwhelming emotion of seeing them for the first time is indescribable. I thank God every day for saving me, and allowing me to become the mommy to are true miracle babies.  Wow! Check out my man hands!  

 Kiley looked just like Paul. Thank God they were both healthy! Were in step-down unit for 1week termed "feed and grow"

 All leaving hospital together 8 days after delivery. I had already lost 60 lbs!

Arriving home for the first time, the months that followed were a blur, but I wish I could go back, even just for a minute to hold them again. Time goes by way too fast!


5-1-13:  5 years later, birthday pancakes and the celebration begins! 

 After a special lunch and cupcakes at school, we left school early to enjoy a nice family day. We walked around Botanical Gardens after the zoo was too packed to get in.

                                                 Followed by ice cream, of course!

 Home for a cook-out, more cake and presents with NeNe, Papa, and cousins Trudy and Dixie who were in town visiting.

                                            Can't believe our 5 yrs olds got a tablet!
                     First year of getting their own cakes, they both wanted carrot cake!

 Water slide party planned for Saturday and woke up to 45 degrees and raining. After several hours of setting up in the garage, the sunshine came out and warmed up enough for me to decide to move the party back to the front yard. Thanks for the help Paul and dad!
                      Neighborhood babysitters came to face paint and tattoo the kids
                                                             Craft and color station
                             Decorate your bike for a bike parade through the cul da sacs

Parachute game led by Nana was a big hit with the kids


                                                                      Jump the sticks!!
                                                                    Girls Pinata
Boys Pinata
                                                                Another color station

Even let the kids slide, although it was cold! 
                                                They quickly realized they were freezing!

                                                                        Cupcake time!

                                                                  More presents!

                                      Yearly tradition- balloon release at the end of the party
                                                             Best grandparents ever!
                Lots of friends came, final count 27 kids, 22 adults. Fun time had by all, great memories made!
 Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest, most special kids around. The joy you bring to our lives is beyond words. You continue to amaze us everyday.  We love you to the moon, and back!