Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lots of fun at Thanksgiving

Playing on a friend's farm close by, kids loved running around and seeing all the animals, and tried to climb all over the hay stacks which ended up covering them from head to toe. Was lots of fun before eating big! Thanksgiving was sad this year, but we kept busy with many activities and most of all the kids! We tried to turn our sadness into thankfulness as we all said a prayer of thanks to God for having a sister, aunt, and daughter in our lives for 27 years. I took the babies out to the cemetery early Thurs am, and was telling them all about their aunt Kelsey. After wiping off her grave, I looked up and saw that Kiley was taking all the flowers out of the grave next to Kelsey's. While I was putting them back, both were attempting to take the teddy bears off of another grave. I quickly realized it was time to go! I am glad I took them, b/c my tears of sadness turned into laughter, almost as if Kelsey was saying to me "do not cry Jen"
Getting a little too close to the cows for my comfort! It was funny, all the cows were very far away in the field and after playing for awhile, we looked around and they were surrounding us!

Finally getting to take Cason's place!

What a great picture this turned out to be, not sure how we got all kids to sit still and actually look at the camera, must have been the crazy faces and sounds Paul was making! Kiley is next to her favorite person of course!

So the picture of the 4 cousins did not work so well again, dad had to hold Cason to even get him to sit, and Kiley would not take her eye of her big cousin!

Cason loves to push NeNe around, although many times he gets going too fast for her!

Thank goodness for NeNe, who volunteered to supervise all 4 kids eating while the rest of us ate!

Frying the turkey, first year Hadden got to put on the big gloves and help Papa with the pot!

Kiley showing Spencer some love for once instead of Hadden, not sure Spence was too thrilled with her laying all over him!

All ready for bed! Kiley never takes her eyes off of her big cousin Hadden, who she adores, and follows around everywhere!
My aunt and uncle came through on Sat, and was great to see them again, although I am sure the beach was much more quite and relaxing for them than coming into the house with 4 wild kids!

Double Trouble! Dad found them in the laundry room with the dog food! They were both eating it!!! Kiley looked up all innocent at me and said "oh no"

Loving on aunt Carrie! It was the first time that both of the babies wanted aunt Carrie and uncle Greg over me! That was great for me though, I got to relax! (for a minute at least)

Famous dance party, music full blast and everyone dancing! Hadden will let me know quick if I have the wrong song on! Hopefully the kids will pick up on Paul's dance moves and not mine (or Greg's:))

Playing in the Barbie jeep she found in my parents garage, this was going to be a present for her 2nd bday, guess I need to hide it a little better!

Summit Christmas Lighting and Parade

Watching the fireworks with our good friends!
Eating in the big chairs at Johnny Rockets! We had a great view of the parade, which the kids all loved, especially the bands!

Cason's favorite spot to be!

Favorite things

Instant entertainment is the toothbrushes! They love the vibration on their sore gums!
Cason loves boxes, they will entertain him for hours! So why did I spend so much money on Christmas presents?!?

Kiley's favorite snack, amazes me how she can find all the marshmallows with her eyes closed! I guess I did not give her enough in her bowl, since she managed to grab the whole box!

Also a new favorite is the dust buster! Fine with me, I am training him early!! Always remember my mom and dad making us do all the cleaning chores, I hated it but sure am going to do the same to my kids!!! I knew we had kids for a reason! (ha)

These drawers must be really strong and hope the hold out! If I leave the room, the get in these right away! I think it is so cute/funny it is hard for me to say no!

They love their table, which makes me sad b/c they refuse to sit in their highchairs anymore, another sign they are growing up:(

Putting up Christmas Decor

Finally! How cute they are I must say!! Have to take pictures very quick, have about 5 sec (if you are lucky) to get both to sit still, and that is all with me screaming, holding something over my head, and trying to take the picture! Not sure how the Christmas cards are going to turn out this year!
Trying to get them both to stand together and still for a photo, just didn't work. Cason likes to pose, Kiley wants nothing to do with it!

How far can he reach!! Kiley cheering him on in the background! We made sure to put only non breakable ornaments of the bottom, good thing since the tree is another temptation! They have been pretty good so far, and my mom gave them both several soft ornaments that they love to take off and on the tree. They also like to chase each other around the tree, which is bound to end in disaster one of the these days! The first thing we have to do every am is turn on all the different Christmas lights in the house, which of course Paul counted one night when he was complaining and turning them off, there are 7 different lights (including the tree).

I walked in and Kiley was walking around like this, it was so funny! Of course everything I got out they both thought was their new thing to destroy!

Many things could not get put out this year, the first to be put up was the snow on the snowman table. Why did I even think this would work?? Despite many no-nos, time-outs, and hand spanks, the temptation was just too great!