Monday, July 8, 2013

Hard week for buddy!

We were keeping Ollie last week as my parents were still in Kansas. We got home late Sunday and Cason reached down when Ollie was eating and got bit!  Luckily it was on his hand, but still landed us a trip to the ER.  3 days later I found him in the garage with a strange look on his face, he started crying and saying "mommy I didn't listen to you" after comforting him he told me "I got electrocuted." Trying not to laugh I said you mean you got shocked?  He said he was plugging in his truck after getting wet from the rain (not a good combo!).  Saturday afternoon we spent cleaning out the basement and garage, and within 10 minutes of me commenting to Paul how good the kids were being, I got a look at Cason.  He decided he needed a haircut! 

Tonight when I was tucking Kiley in she said mommy when I grow up and have to work will you babysit my baby?  I said of course! I hope we live close enough that I can!  She said well the house by Nene's had been on sale (not for sale) forever, so I will buy it when I get big. Or maybe I will just live with you forever. So cute.