Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Changing of Seasons- again!

Fun in the backyard- time to get rid of the baby swings and put up big swings! Holding hands- they are either the best buddies or worst enemies fighting all the time!
Getting through the last few cold days hopefully! and enjoying time outside again, we have rediscovered all the parks and riding tricycles, although Kiley prefers to push her stroller, Cason will ride is Auburn bike for hours. We have also enjoyed playing hide and go seek, and they love playing it, but are terrible at it! They like to hide together, and soon as you say "ready or not, here I come" they start giggling and then Cason always yells "were in here" When Paul is home we team up parent to toddler, and it works a little better but we have many laughs together! Probably the funniest for me was when I was looking for them, Cason popped out of the laundry hamper and scared me, was not expecting that!
First trip to zoo (from winter) and first trip without a stroller! They did great and took a very good nap! Growing up so fast, the "whys" are in full swing! We must say that word 100 times a day!
Opening up V Day presents including lots of candy! She looks like a little candy model!

They still have "twin talk", and some times get engrossed in their own sayings and giggles, and when I say "what are you talking about" I just get giggles! Sometimes Kiley will translate for Cason- he is harder to understand right now. They keep us laughing at things they do and say! Right now they love to get their play keys, phone, K purse and come give us hugs and kisses "bye" and tell us they are going "to the grocery store, or Target, Sams, or Library" and even told me one day when I walked in I was being too loud b/c they were in the library! Kiley also tells me at times to "whisper b/c her baby is sleeping" They call the stroller sun shade their "roof" and when we are walking, if the sun is in their eyes they tell us "put down our roof"
The embarrassing comments have also started, Kiley has told me out loud in front of the person "mommy I don't like that girl" and "mommy he is stinky" and Cason most recently told Fred, who has been working on our basement bathroom for the last few weeks that "time for you to go home, Fred" Cason has also yelled out of the bathroom "mommy my pee pee is getting big" when there was several people standing in the kitchen...nice- have to ask your daddy about that one!

Jan snow day- it snowed so many times this year for B'ham, after the second time of getting all our warm clothes on and only playing for a few minutes before "I cold mommy" "I go inside mommy" we watched the snow from inside! Sure was pretty though!

Last time in "crib", both converted to big beds in January, and finally 2 months later are doing great! We had about a month of adjustments between the two of them, but doing much better now! My parents were not real quick to volunteer to babysit during that transition time, and in fact did not put them to bed once between Nov-Feb!! Now we can threaten to shut the door, and they stop whining real fast! Cason still likes to be rocked for a few minutes and is the ultimate negotiator- "just 1 more book" and if you say ok, it is always "2 more books" or after rocking, "mommy will you lay with me now"...Kiley is usually the opposite and sometimes tells you to "get out, me tired"
Another huge change- they are potty trained!! Really has been the easiest thing we have been through so far- they basically did it themselves! We just got a huge raise- no diapers except at night! And we have discovered where almost every public bathroom is located!
Playing outside in the leaves in back yard! Kiley prefers to play babies or watch movies, this month her favorites are Toy Story and Snowwhite, Cason prefers to learn things. He is so smart for his age, he knows all his letters, and recognize letters in words, numbers, shapes, puzzles, and has an amazing sense of direction. He will point where things are while driving by- "turn that way to go to little park, that way for library, ect" We have not been to Barbara's house in 6 months and we came out of the Target by her house and he pointed and said "that is way to Barbara's house" This is a good thing, since I still can't find my way around Birmingham! He can tell me how to get places!
Paul ran inside to get the phone and came back out to both of them using the bathroom outside! For Cason that is ok, but Kiley doesn't seem to understand why she can't go too! Not only did she pee, she pooped too! We had a long talk about that one!