Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July 2012

 We had lots of fun activities again this 4th; friends over to grill out Sat night then headed to Helena festival in the park with fireworks and bands.  First year kids were not scared. Sunday afternoon dad and Paul took the kids to the firework stand and loaded up!  Tuesday evening we headed to the Vestavia festival we have taken them to every year with lots of free give aways, jump houses, cotton candy, local marching  band, ect. then caught the Barans fireworks at the Met on the way home, which were surprisingly very good.  Wednesday we all slept in then packed up for the Mizerany lake house and spent most of the day in the lake, it was very hot!  First time kids jumped off dock, then wouldn't stop. It was a very relaxing day, the kids had a ball.  We headed to parents for hamburger cookout and fireworks.  The house was still silent at 8:45 this am!  Great times and great memories!