Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kindergarten 2014

First few days of kindergarten have been an adjustment to all!  Kids had a great first two days despite the early waking hours. We haven't set an alarm in 6 years so 6:15am is early for the Green household! The mornings are very hectic trying to get the kids out of bed and ready before the bus comes.  Very strange to come hope to an empty, quite house at 7 am. The evenings are just as hectic as it is stressful to get them into bed by 7:30 since they are so hard to get out of bed so early.

Kiley loves her teacher and her class, and very glad that she has a good friend with her in class and on the bus. We are so blessed that she seems to have a perfect match for a teacher with her personality. She comes home everyday with stories about her classmates and new friends, along with endless stories about the class guinea pig Pepper. She rarely talks about the work they did, but loves to share the songs they sing and what her friends are up to. Her favorite part of the day is recess and riding the bus! She does not like P.E.- her nana will be sad! She loves eating at the school and says the food is much better than the lunches I pack. She had a major meltdown Monday am after I got upset that she wouldn't wear her new tennis shoes. She cried for 30 min and Paul had to carry her to the bus stop crying "I don't want to go to school."
So hard on me I started crying after the bus pulled away. Lesson learned- if the clothes and shoes are almost right in the am, don't make a big deal about it not being perfect!!

Cason likes his teacher but is still saying on day 5 of school that "is class is terrible."  He is such a rule follower, doesn't like change and kids that don't obey so it has been a bit of a struggle for him. He tells me everyday that his teacher has to keep the lights off almost all day b/c the class is too loud and misbehaving. He says he has made a few friends, Anderson, Audrey, and Spencer but all of the other kids "are bad."  He also says riding the bus and recess are his favorites. He has a cough and some congestion, and told us he got it from the girl "Finley" that sits next to him and coughs on him all day long. Kiley backed him up by saying "yes mommy even in the hallway I saw her coughing on him and told her thanks for getting my brother sick."  He informs me everyday of the traffic back-ups in the am and how long they had to ride the bus for. He also said one day the bus driver turned down "Genary Gap" road then turned around and that he was pretty sure she was lost. He is so funny. He asked me on the way to the bus today if he could just go to school some of the days:(

Praying for adjustments for the whole family as we manage new schedules, routines, and activities.  I realized yesterday on my first day off that these teachers are getting much more time with my babies now that I will not have with them. Made me sad!

On a funnier note, Cason informed us at the dinner table a few nights ago that he didn't believe in Santa anymore b/c there is no way reindeer's can fly. He then said well maybe he did believe in Santa, just not the flying reindeer, then said that maybe Santa really takes a plane. He thought for a minute, then said "are you sure that it isn't you and daddy that put the presents under the tree, mommy?" Of course this is all in front of Kiley. I tried to avoid answering the questions so I wasn't lying, but he is too young to stop believing!!!!

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